Living versus Responsibilities

What’s happening?
I want to leave.
Why can’t I just go for it?
I want to just leave.


I want to be gone,

being responsible for everything…

Whether it is my fault or not!


I just want to live already!

I want to feel ALIVE!

I want to go to concerts,

Go take a hike on one of the eight wonders of the world,

Walk on the hills of the highest mountain

Scream as loud as I can!

Have a great time with friends,

Meet someone I can love,

Meet someone who can love me right.


Have my story to tell,

With many have twists and turns

but that’s the fun part of it I believe.

And even though it may turn out to be a large mess,

I know that it would be worth everything:


the travel,

the lust,

the fun,

the pain of love,

the education,

the hatred,

the flirtations,

the stressed out finals week,

the music,

the romance,

the anger,

the crazy deadlines,

the wondrous words that I write about the journey of my life

Is it selfish of me?


I don’t know.

I have responsibilities:

I have younger siblings,

I have a mother who needs me,

why does it have to be this way?

I feel like I am a financial burden.

I feel like I should just earn it all on my own.

I feel like this is done.



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