7. The Silence Screams so Much More Than I Ever Could

And it was all I could do not to sound
The coming years of torment
I knew was in bound
Cause I knew the sound
I’d heard it before
In the subtle rows
Beyond the fields of forgotten

I dwelled there for long too long
Treading light on your darkened waters
Sought out the better times
When I lost sight of the better days
Followed by the terrible nights after, that followed your voyage

And you
Wound up the ties that bound
Our fragile frames
Looking to tie up the moments should I capture them
If only for awhile
To the ship you sailed away on for ten days and four years after

Where were you when
He called your name
And your spirit left
Did you forget your dress
Was still white
Before your heart spilled me
Out on to the night

And it’s all I can do now, not to go back to that place
And damn your name
Cause I knew then, like I know now
You did it because it’s just your way
Forgetting the world for your while
A moment of knowing better
But not giving a damn

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