Hour 18; Prompt 18: Halloween 1989: The Hunch Back of St. Stanislaus

I dressed as Quasimodo one year
Borrowed a port wine blouse from my aunt
Stuffed a pillow over my right shoulder under the blouse
Slapped some crude makeup and cigarette ash on my face
And into the night I crept…well, mostly just walked
I crept when we got close to a house or I came across a group of other
Imps of the night of All Hallows Eve

I had fun
I enjoyed creeping out the uninformed
And squealed in delight when I was recognized
I didn’t care for the store bought jobs
All plastic and whatnot
Absolute fire hazards

I was content to steal into the night
Of ghosts, witches, demons, and the odd G.I. Joe
Under guise of my own design
Known or unknown
It was a night to be me
If just for my own amusement

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