Hour 22; Prompt 22: For Every Lock; A Key

They named is Keyhole Rock
A formation thousands, maybe millions of years old
At certain times of the day, sunlight shines through
Revealing an inner chamber

But that chamber lasts for but a few moments
If you walk inside
You are met with
Some say a room of natural crystals
Precious and innumerable

There are others that say it is just a formation of rock
Naturally beautiful
But, just a rock formation
That looks “pretty” a couple times a day

I like to think there is more in there
Something of true substance
That can neither be coveted by hand
Or recalled in detail enough
To do it justice

Perhaps, it is a doorway
To another world?
Giving credence to its name
Keyhole Rock
As if, by walking through
You unlock something

Perhaps to the world?
Or to yourself?
Perhaps, one day, I’ll find out
One day

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