Promising Signs – Hour 6

The faint pitter-patter of light rain enters my ears
The first tell-tale sign of a good day
I do not wake till the sun shines bright through my eyelids
The corridor is empty
I let my skin soak under a warm shower
I don’t leave without wiping at the fogged-up mirror to find my fresh face

The trees pass by as I head to class
But first, a taste of sweet, milky, toasty-warm tea
That’s when I’m ready
My rear-end lands on that familiar seat in the room
Surrounded by the same smiling faces and laughs
My ears focus on the sound of Dr Jatswan imparting his wisdom upon us
Taking us across the globe, back and forward in time
Like getting an adrenaline rush from all the learning

The sun burns hot in the sky
Something I appreciate more now
The whirring-past of the train rings through my ears
I watch as the city flies by me
Occasional exchanges with strange eyes
Teasing stories I will never know

Loud meows greet me before even opening the door
The keys jangle as I reach for them in my bag
The comforting smells of home invite me in
I close my eyes as my bed wraps around me

I wake again to the sound of a warm voice
The voice that greeted me into this world
Higher and gentler than mine
But clearer and stronger
The gaze from her round eyes give me a sense of security
My home is complete now

The kitchen is alive with my movements
The air smells good enough to eat
Dishes prepared by my own hand
Good enough to fill my own heart
That’s when I am satisfied

The night falls
My Lord calls
The silence beckons
The prayer mat spread on the floor
Aimed straight for Mecca
My forehead touches the ground
And that is where I found
My truest self
In conversation with God
When my mind clears
There are no more fears
Only purpose and understanding
Tomorrow is promising
To be the ideal day.

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