Dear Technology

Dear Technology,

I know I love you but I hate you just the same

Because you aid me everyday but I hear some news of shame

Things you made easy are made lost far quickly

I love you but I hate you I’m so torn can’t you see

I know you are good but I know you too are bad

You connect people who are apart and part those close at hand

Products come so quick yet quick too they ran out

You are good yet you are bad you cause my broken heart

You are like “black and white”

You are like “near or far”

You are like “hot and cold”

Or an angel in disguise

You are like “sinner or a saint”

You are like “angel or a devil”

You are like “soft and hard”

Cause of you I feel bad

But you are the “drink moderately” in every liqour

You are the “danger to the health” in every puffing pack

I will take you in moderation, little by little, drop by drop

Then maybe I will love you with all of my heart.


Naida N. Supnet

August 14, 2016

1:37 am


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