My Cloudy New Year’s (Hour 2 – 2021)

Text Prompt 10, Half Marathon: Hour 2

Title: My Cloudy New Year’s

The end of December always brings me to new places,
traveling to faraway lands.

The Great Pyramid of Giza.
The Byzantine Walls of Istanbul.
The Pantheon of Rome.
The Alcazar of Seville.

Multiple continents, mysterious civilizations,
Magnificent memories and new experiences.
Each a different, remarkable, end to a cycle around the sun.

Yet, ringing in the new year is always the same scene:
the droning of jet engines and the darkness of a cloudy sky outside my window.
Half-asleep, unaware, and homeward-bound, as January sneaks into a beginning.
The New Year has started, the same way the previous did.
I hope that this year’s December will once again surprise me.

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