If You Can Keep It (Hour 9 – 2020)

Prompt 21, Half Marathon 2: Hour 9

Title: If You Can Keep It

We live in a time of great uncertainty.
A plague ravages our land,
while many face the annihilation of their economic security.

Yet the greatest threat of all,
comes from our disunity.
For one side hates all others,
and has thrown out any form of rationality.

A crisis of leadership plagues our system.
And without a return to balance,
dark times will bring struggle with them.

Ours may not be a perfect union,
but the American experiment is indeed of consequence.
The world’s first true multicultural society.
A nation built on the dreams of immigrants.

I long for leadership that I can believe in.
One that will not make me fear,
that the world for my children,
will be plagued by struggles worse than we already bear.

One where civic responsibility,
is taken seriously.
And the leaders of our country,
model the brightest minds of democracy.

It is not an unreasonable request.
Yet, I worry that fear of the proverbial “other,”
will drive us away further,
into a period of tragic duress.

Will the American identity survive this test?

3 thoughts on “If You Can Keep It (Hour 9 – 2020)

    1. This is blunt and true – what will become of this torn, plagued America? I pray for peace and solidarity and healing. Nice work.

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