Step by Step (Poem 1 – 2020)

Prompt 13, Half Marathon 2: Hour 1

Title: Step by Step

Step by step, I complete my daily ritual.
Block by block, observing the little details around me.
All of my senses, clamoring for my attention:

The comforting smell of a fresh dinner being prepared in a stranger’s home.
The unyielding force of the pavement, reverberating on every step of mine.
The familiar taste of salt on my tongue, indicative of a warm summer evening.
The sound of a scarlet sparrow, chirping in the plum trees speckled across the landscape.
The iridescent sight of one sun, fracturing the sky into a mural of a thousand emotions.

Five separate senses, five separate details.
Yet, infinite possibilities.

Fragile, Transient, Fleeting.
Yet immortal, if I choose to make it so.

Completely unnoteworthy,
Yet, everything worth living for.

These moments are treasures.
And each day, I wake up ready to experience them.

I step forward, unsure of what is to come, but unyielding in my conviction,
as the sun’s last golden rays shine in the California twilight.

Pitter patter, pitter patter.
Pitter patter, pitter patter.

I will always have my desire to push forward,
step by step.

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