The Final Journey (Hour 7 – 2020)

Prompt 19, Half Marathon 2: Hour 7

Title: The Final Journey

Arrogance is a uniquely human quality.
Only man claims to know it all,
to be the supreme form of intelligent life in the galaxy.
Indeed, a hazardous vice of consciousness.

For centuries, our books said that the Earth was flat.
Then, we declared that our world was at the center of the universe.

Old, deeply incorrect ideas.
Only let go,
burial by burial.

Who are we to do this?
To preach that everything is figured out?

Each year, something emerges from the depths of the Ocean.
Or from the limitless expanse of Outer Space.
A new creature of wonder,
or an astral phenomenon that we could only imagine.

Fortunately, our blinding arrogance is accompanied by another.
Our redemption is attainable through one more aspect of our nature.

Our capacity for reason. Our ability to debate.
To reject dogma and search for truth.
And in doing so, build a chain of knowledge,
that will propel us further than the frontiers of the galaxy or the bottom of the Ocean.
A bridge between peoples.

This journey is a paradox.
Because it begins and ends in one place.
The inner sanctum of our consciousness.

Yes, Arrogance is a uniquely human quality. But so is Reason.
And that is ultimately what will decide our destiny.

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