The Guiding Light (Hour 10 – 2020)

Prompt 22, Half Marathon 2: Hour 10

Title: The Guiding Light

A mist spreads over the base of the falls.
Ethereal in quality, but tangible in spirit.
Roaring with the vigor of the very wind itself.

Nourished by its presence, a meadow passionately seizes its moment.
Driven by a desire to thrive, it reaches out to firmly grasp
the outstretched helping hand of the spray.

Though both have their differences, they exist together, in harmony.
Alive in every sense of the word.

As the sun gently peaks over the horizon, it beckons to its children.
The light of the dawn is approaching.

Its arms sprawl out in all directions to meet the landscape.
To nurture the grass and energize the torrent.
With every ray it seems to say,
There is hope in this brand new day.

3 thoughts on “The Guiding Light (Hour 10 – 2020)

  1. Love the hope which exudes from this poem. Your imagery —
    “A mist spreads over the base of the falls./Ethereal in quality, but tangible in spirit/Roaring with the vigor of the very wind itself” — really captures the essence of the photo well.

  2. Well done Nishant! I enjoyed reading this poem. It is very light and lively! I loved your imagery.Personification, beautiful description and alliteration- your has it all! I love your outlined relationship between the spray and the waterfall, the meadow, the sun and the grass. Your poem is very tangible! I loved the imagery of he meadow passionately seizing its moment! Meadows are very much alive-and passionate! Well done!

  3. Your poem speaks a loving nature in the world- this was effortless and breathless all the same.

    Please peruse a few of mine, if you would. Thanks in advance.


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