The Sky Filled with Stars


I like that story

where a visitor is told

The universe is a blanket

spread above us as a tent


Over time the fires warmed us

sent up their sparks

to burn small holes

through which the bright


light of the world beyond

shines through as stars.  Today

Teresa writes to our family

the results of her mother’s scan.


Picture the sky filled with stars,

with several small asteroids

here and there in my aunt’s lung.

I can’t.  I hold this picture:


Pat in a hot yellow mini dress

marries my uncle, her beautiful

beehive—gathered and glossed—

rising high as a sun.


I picture a life she’s woven

of hardship and disappointment,

of faith and devotion,

of tenderness, humor,


and Love.  Picture a family

as warm and as strong

as a soft knitted blanket.

She is the light shining through.



3 thoughts on “The Sky Filled with Stars

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. You captured her essence at the perfect moment in time. Less than two months after you wrote this, my mom (Pat) passed into eternity. Your writing is just as meaningful now as when you first wrote it. It is a treasured piece! Love you, Teresa

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