#22 ekphrastic

An exercise in contrasts, contained within a frame.

The dark the light, her hair shown bright, the look upon her face.

Her figure sloping, curving, soft, showed a natural beauty, there’s no doubt.

While the sharp features of her angular face made my mind take a different route.

The table began in nature, rubbed and buffed until it shined,

supports her like she’s a lumber baron’s debutante,

whose tastes are quite refined.

This table and the woman have both been polished, so distant from their former self.

She had wanted to be farm girl,

the tree had hoped to become a simple shelf.


One thought on “#22 ekphrastic

  1. A little plus, a little minus.

    “Pointy” feels like a hastily selected word. If you edit this, consider thesaurus-ing that up.

    The juxtaposition between the woman in the image and “She had wanted to be a farm girl” is poignant.

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