Luna, Hour 18

She appeared after a solstice full moon

Bedraggled and malnourished,

Fur patchy

Skittish like she’d been abused

Her eyes met mine and I swooned, and soon it was just us two

Little pupper and an anarchist hiding out in Kipahulu

Shared meals of venison and beer

Her fear started to subside,

Light in her eyes when we went out to explore

But I had to leave and after our brief reprieve

I realized I couldn’t keep her any more


I wish I could have kept her as my own

But a Kula ranch with other happy doggos served her better

But every time the Solstice comes around

I miss the hell out of Luna

I won’t forget her

2 thoughts on “Luna, Hour 18

  1. I like this poem, with it’s peek into a happy time. The sad, but noble ending has poetic rhythm and the last line being singular fits perfectly. Nice work.

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