Maybe Fated, hour 19

Single cell of this parasitic organism

A cancer to this healthy planet

Dissonance personified

Infection in a healthy system

Imbalanced and off-beat

Skewing rhythms with our arrogance

No matter how hard we try


Wish we could act to make a difference

But momentum seems to be so strong we can’t avoid destruction

Malfunctioning as a species in the web of life we’re living in

Hope we leave the biosphere with more than nothing


Is it misanthropic to decry our role in greater context?

Seems the road we’re headed down just can’t allow a peaceful outcome

Were we always fated to destroy all that the elements have created?

Or is it something we’ve become,

A course that can be corrected ?


Sometimes I feel numb to the evils we’ve allowed to perpetrate

The fools that we’ve elected,

The ignorance that’s gestated

Hatred cultivated over so many generations

Seems impossible to overcome at times

But still I cling to something

Some kind of hope

That if  collectively we recognize

The error of our ways

Our fate can shift into the thing we make it…

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