Message For The Wooks, Hour 11

Acidic state of mind like it’s 1967
Damn Trustafarians
Boho fashion victims stuck in drum circle repatitions
Totally blissed out

Peace and love and DMT vape pen hits
Masquerading as insight
Up all night candyflipping to the rhythm
Of a drug-induced spiritual blackout
What’s that about?

Smoke pounds of pot
Listen to Allen Watts over drum and bass ambience
Whoever’s wokest is the champion
Virtue signalling ego-driven ignorant little snots
Quit posturing

Love’s what I got
But in case we forgot
Dude died from an overdose of ‘medicine’
Quote McKenna and claim culture ain’t your friend
But what the fuck do you call what you’re embedded in?

-written immediately after listening to ‘Up All Night’ by El-P

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