The Forest Information Network, Hour 22

The forest doesn’t need WiFi

Doesn’t need a clear signal and broadband connection

It speaks via chemicals
Data transmitted via fungal colonies
An underground information superhighway
Mycelium networks under fallen leaves,
Allocating nutrients to every tree

An intricate symphony,
Interconnected mycelial filagree
Every blade of grass, shrub, and tree
Existing symbiotically,
Following patterns established by Fibonacci

Following the golden mean

Ever expanding


5 thoughts on “The Forest Information Network, Hour 22

  1. You start with personification — very poetical — by giving the forest needs (emotions).

    You can continue in that mode by eliminating the word “via” in this line: “It speaks via chemicals”
    and by making a few changes to this line: “Data transmitted via fungal colonies” to give the forest actions or feelings that people do or feel. Something like ‘Transmitting data …. ” (as you did after this line).

    The rest of your poem extends the personification. Well done fusion of art and science.

  2. I love the concept of this. The language and comparison is beautiful. I am so excited for this to be a polished poem because I know it’s going to be picked up somewhere and be enjoyed by so many people!

    I think the line and stanza breaks need work to help with the rhythm, though. I’ve written up more notes that I’ll post later today when I’m at a computer. I really love this poem though! One of the best I’ve seen here! So unique 🙂

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