Crests and Troughs (Hour 5)

The pinnacle of the cliff

Holds my view stiff


Along the trough, the boat is empty

Gentle in its sail, its promise is scanty


At that frightening top, I am closer to the sky

They said it’s the limit, to the earth I won’t say bye


Oh I love jumping down, there is fun in the risk

If the boat is on a pool of tears, I’d rather shelf my frisk


The knack to navigate the peaks and valleys

Gives me a sense of what should be in my grocery trolleys


All said; for choice I’ll stay at the peak

That will keep my bird pointing to the sky with its beak



3 thoughts on “Crests and Troughs (Hour 5)

  1. I enjoyed reading this, the message is crystal clear…Life is meant to be lived! The highs and lows are what makes it beautiful and worth taking risks for. I loved the starting the most … It captures the attention with the image. Best Wishes ^^

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