Eye Contact (Hour 12)

Eye contact becomes virtually impossible

yet my breath speaks aloud from where I sit.

Easels of my sketches are filled with your alluring outline.


Congenial company is all I want,

on roads paved with sweets scents and deep sighs.

Nothing else will matter, so let your amity circuit light up my senses.


Tons of obstacles will end up amplifying my breath

as my eyes scuffle, itching to speak my desire

caught now behind your bars


to remain, until the floor releases your face,

until your eyes meet mine.

3 thoughts on “Eye Contact (Hour 12)

  1. You have a very beautiful way with imagery Ofuma! There were so many good examples of imagery and alliteration in this poem. It was a pleasure to read this! Two lines that just made my heart swell… “Congenial company is all I want
    On roads paved with sweet
    scents and deep sighs”
    I was transported! Well dome!

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