Can You Imagine (Prompt 23)

I didn’t create imaginary friends
My sense of reality far too critical
I once asked the tooth fairy for her picture
To prove that she was real

Somewhere in between I did believe
In magic and intention
More times than can be mentioned
Things occurred which challenged reason

In my loneliness I thought
That if I wanted something hard enough
If I wished for it and pictured it
It would surely come to be

Then I found the bead

Small plastic and purple tucked into the dirt
Overflowing with excitement I felt
I’d found the golden ticket or
Been given magic beans

A bead became a seed
One I planted and I planned to grow
A best friend that would love me
And I believed without a single doubt

She’d have a common name
Easy to spell, unlike my own
Dark hair and pale skin
I wanted the opposites of me

I would know her by her favorite color
She’d love purple and butterflies
Long eyelashes and she’d always laugh
And she’d want to hold my hand

What I planted in the sand
Was just a random piece of plastic
But I still believe in her
And I still believe in magic

2 thoughts on “Can You Imagine (Prompt 23)

  1. I CAN imagine, and I love it! You captured the perfect rationale of a little girl who longs for more. I’ve read several of your poems and love your lyrical style. I feel I could pick easily identify your poems among many. Congratulations!

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