Personal Space (Prompt 11)

Always felt a bit alien, big eyes like those haunting paintings
Wondering if everyone thinks or learns or processes at the same rate
Or if those few in subdued magic and understated presence
Come from the same place as me, born of the same planet

I recognize them when I meet them, a manic yet contained time bomb
Moody and cheerful, bleeding hearts tearful when it comes to goodbyes
Can we go home, does home exist, is it better than this lie
Try to imagine it, what it could be, so often I do try

Light and calm conversations, vacation on the rings of saturn
A cosmic copy of Palm Springs but with looming mountains packed with trees
And we’d eat fruit from low branches sink our teeth into the flesh
Inside them juicy meat that no animals had to die for

We’d speak kindly and be vulnerable and heal and grow each other
Our own personal planet, not taken for granted, we could finally have a mother
That would listen to our needs and happily feed our slender bodies
No one dying of starvation, no children locked in cages

Stages of our moons would reflect stages of our being
When we are fulfilled and strong, and when security feels fleeting
No need to be redundant when we can say it with our eyes
Do you remember that Nirvana nestled somewhere in the skies

Don’t deny it I won’t lie it sounds like heaven or a dream
To remove myself from everything that doesn’t feel like me
You’d be there to teach me, show me the space I never knew
If mother planet does exist tell her I’m looking for her too

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