Use Your Words Like You Used Me (Prompt 8)

Once full paragraphs replaced by cartoon faces
Easy to end a conversation with a heart or a thumbs up
Like your vocabulary has been reduced to one singular motion
There was emotion I held space for
When you needed words I gave you many
Surprising now to receive any
And never deeper than the surface
What’s the purpose of this game and why
Do I feel like I am losing
If you’re not using full sentences
I can only keep guessing
Texting is a sorry substitute for watching the shape your lips made
When they said best friend soulmate maybe wife
I love you – you told me
Yet you’d hold me down as less than
Messages to fill your time
Condescend my bared skin poetry
The loyalty I showed you – I never owed you anything
You can say that we’re still friends but in the end
You send me crumbs to keep me hungry
I’m no stranger to starvation
If there’s expected desperation
You’ll get the same response you give the most
Maybe a shrugging stranger
But probably a ghost

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