Wet (Prompt 15)

Bronzed goddess savior with a septum ring and easy smile
Island girl comes to the rescue I just met you but it doesn’t matter
My soul already knows my soul knows that it knows yours
Paddle boarding take me to your favorite beach kiss me ocean salty lover sweet
Why didn’t I meet you sooner and why do I have to leave

4th of July straight from Lanikai to catch a flight my swimsuit soaking through my clothes
And your car but you make sure I understand that you don’t care it’s just saltwater
More saltwater comes when we try to say goodbye why am I crying we just met
Why is every part of me wet I just don’t get it

Hair begins to dry crunched curls
Salt streaked cheeks from missing a girl
Before my flight even takes off

4th of July straight from Lanikai, made my flight but cried all the way to my gate
Fireworks going off somewhere couldn’t care less a dripping mess I just feel wet
Missed her mouth all the way home didn’t matter to miss fireworks
She brought more extravagance and light than they ever could have

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