White Noise (Prompt 6)

Falling backwards submerged I see the glittering
High off of a mouth that doesn’t need to break this
Resonate in weightlessness drift against me solid
Fingertips just barely almost nothing and for once
We can be silence lashes beaded inky
You don’t even have to say it just reach
Right through me right through

Spells cast in sun and saliva still you step back
Take the space to see a whole being
Being seen between the dizzy wine
Divine one bursting ripe fruit dripping syrup
My sticky honey tongue my honey thighs for you
I am a king of dewed flowers bruised hips
Dip me down into constellations taste and worship

A daydream we dream in psychedelic color
I’ve never really dared to want but now
No explanations no alarm clocks blissful nothing
Heated skin how can we fight or doubt
Without the wrapping paranoia I feed myself
Peel off chlorine clothes and stay the night
White noise steady breath beside me

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