Hour Six, Without Walking

image prompt for hour six of the poetry marathon

This pinprick sickening my skin against this lonely afternoon
Makes me feel dumb, or maybe just happy.
Because I deserve happiness. “We all deserve happiness”, my mother says,
but I know that she doesn’t mean me.
Perhaps this is how we find god.

I take parks by storm, parkour race heartbeats over benches, and elderly objections.
I am flying high, I’m not gonna crack
I am gonna touch the sky
In a summer daze of cartwheels, I found seriality, which is to say that I found heaven.
They had skateboards and hacky sacks.

I can outrun my youth, but it was much faster to escape abuse on a longboard.

3 thoughts on “Hour Six, Without Walking

  1. Hi: This poem has stories on multiple levels. The story that is told here, and the story that is implied. I like that the narrator is going to fly high, not gonna crack and gonna touch the sky. These are beautiful pictures.

  2. Peaflowertea,

    Oh how much greater excitement life’s beginning could be mixing our experience with risk and caution, seeing both worlds early. I love the up and down movements of this poem and and felt the thrill and intensity of the moment…Nice!
    Seventh Solstise

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