Pam Gerber here. This is my second or third marathon, maybe one was a half, not sure, maybe this is my fourth, but I am thrilled and anxious about arising a short 7 or so hours from now to begin. It was challenging but creatively exhilarating before.

I live in Huntington Beach, California, and teach writing at the local community college, teach yoga, and write for legal publishers and various sites. I have been on lock down with my housemates, my husband, two adult daughters, 86 year old father, Husky pup and Japanese Bobtail kitty. It’s been an adventure. Since my father is at-risk, we stay home.

Lock down has prepared me for this marathon. I sit around and write all day anyhow, punctuated by zoom meetings and classes. I’ve grown to love the slower pace and domesticity. Not sure how I’ll do on the sleeplessness, but raising children and surviving menopause has prepared me for sleepless nights too 🙂

I look forward to reading all the lovely poems in store for us!



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