She (Prompt 1)

She, who never says an untoward word, thinks an unkind thought,

surprised me with her assessment:

“You have deep humility, accepting anyone without judgment. Sure,

you’re a little sad but that makes you relatable.”


Me, a proud woman who judges the ants that dare to walk beneath me,

the husband who falters at my hands, the children

I bore, through no fault of their own, and the world, belching forth steam,

storm and dung, that dangles on a thread at God’s fingertips, I laughed.


A teacher, business woman, President of the governing body of

all bodies, my body, those of my clients, friends, and students,

heart of my income, soul of my future, guru, acharya, spiritual grift,

I pay in sweat and sacrifice for a sideways glance, enlightened lint.

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