Hour 21, Longing

Ten years ago I walked my way
back to health again,
seventy-five pounds lost
on the country roads
near our home, music fuelling
my feet.

Heavy metal accelerated my pace,
blues was my cool down of choice.
Smooth, even, swift steps daily
melted pounds and anxieties away.

I long to be that person again,
healthy, balanced, confident, and free.

2 thoughts on “Hour 21, Longing

  1. I love this poem Tracy! It is very empowering congratulations on the poem and the life changes!

    I love the beginning imagery…Ten year ago, I walked my way back to…you write health again and in my mind, I keep seeing and reading…back to better health…this alliteration may add even more “oomf” to the already powerful first line. This poem flows very well and I love the feel! It is a call to action and better health! You make great use of imagery and sound..”Heavy metal accelerated my pace.” I haven’t read all your poems BUT, I have read a number (which I still have to leave comments for.) They are all very good BUT, I particularly love this one for subject, technique, feel and flow. Excellent!

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