To the weird girl (11, 7pm)

To the weird girl,
with the bad walk
the ugly smile, and
a stumble instead of a waltz

I’m not sorry for you,
that your strangeness
made people afraid,
because fear is a weapon
even when it’s a laugh
even when it’s knowing too much
too soon and never knowing how to lie.

It’s okay that people were afraid
of your information and your
excitement about knowing it,
It’s okay to be bad at sports and
video games and driving cars and
its okay if you can’t shuffle,
someone will still play cards.

It’s okay that friends left and you miss them,
It’s okay to miss things and write poems about the people you miss,
and it’s okay to talk about the people
even if they don’t talk about you.

Weird girl,
Your teeth and
your walk have
become aligned,
but you still can’t drive
and your friends
still leave you,
weird girl,
It’s okay because
it’s the only way to be.

Some people will, someday,
Understand your commitment to being strange
And they will shuffle the cards
And drive the cars
And they will be strange, too


Letter to my child self.

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