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sole95 - 25 posts

Translator, Interpreter, Editor, Writer, World Traveler, Lover of fine art, Poetry, Music, Cuisine, Architecture, Interior Design and Interesting People.


Hafeezah - 25 posts

Hafeezah is a poet, author and community advocate. Her first published poem was included in the," 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology." A professionally trained advocate in trauma-informed care and peer support for children's mental health. Hafeezah’s work has been focused on providing safe outlets for teens and adults to have an open dialogue about complex community issues. Hafeezah began her writing through therapeutic journaling and later poetry.


sophiag - 25 posts

I am a Missionary to Central/South America. I have been writing for a very long time. I am currently on a 3 month long journey away from my family in Costa Rica, learning Spanish. I love the Lord very much and He inspires all that I write. Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." My life verse!


reuben - 25 posts

I live in Sydney, Australia and populate my time with inspirations and fascinations. I'm currently studying literature and working as a cook but I spend most of my time reading, writing, playing chess or country music and asking myself if it's too late for coffee or too early for wine. The poetry marathon seems like a wonderful way to further distract myself from everyday affairs.


unexpectedpoet23 - 25 posts

I go to a highschool in Tennessee. I am a sophomore now. I started writing at the beginning of my freshman year when I was at a hard time in life I was and still use it as a coping mechanism. But, I'm doing better. I am here because my mom found this website and I'm so glad she did I'm here to test my skills on different topics and the way I'm going to do that is to do it all. When I get something in my head I'm stubborn toward myself because I know I can do it. And doing this contest is going to make me have more and more self discipline toward myself. I have 70+ pages of poetry just from a year ago. I had more but I ended up losing them. But, I'm not to happy about that in myself that I did it. But, its okay I plan on writing so much more. And just this alone gives me 24 more poems. I am also willing to read poems but I'm not to great giving advice on them but the fact that I like them, they're amazing, or beautifully written. But, seriously I'm always willing to read anything. Anyway, I write what I feel, what others feel, what needs to be said, etc. Anyway, you're all beautiful and hope you have a great time reading my poetry.


tammyg - 25 posts


rosemars - 25 posts


emitch - 25 posts

Jersey Girl. Tough. Sweet. Smart. Unique.


thepoeticunderground - 25 posts

I'm Erin, 19 years old from (usually) sunny Queensland, Australia. I run the blog thepoeticunderground.com and I don't even know what I'm getting myself into.


DanielleM - 25 posts

A former Journalist and Copy Writer from the Caribbean. Danielle is finally taking the plunge and sharing her secret passion with others. She is working on her first poetry book and hoping that she'll continue flying towards her dreams.


eve-mary - 25 posts

Eve is a 5th grade teacher in Massachusetts. She has been writing poetry since she was seven. Mary, her daughter, is presently teaching English in Santiago, Chile. This year, Eve and Mary are teaming up as a mother-daughter team to share our love of words.


ladybird - 25 posts

I've been writing since I was a young girl. I'm looking forward to the poetry marathon to engage in a challenge of producing a large body of work in a short period of time. In recent times I have developed the confidence to share my writing with friends and with their encouragement I'm venturing further a field to the public arena.


Thariyah Shah - 25 posts


imee12 - 25 posts

Hi! I'm trying to get back into writing after having a baby six months ago! When I'm not hanging out with my little girl, I'm a software engineer. I'm excited to be a part of this poetry marathon.


kcwolfe - 25 posts

Just another one of those semi-reluctant, and begrudgingly human artistic people residing in the toxic, yet inspirational air of Los Angeles. I've made the recent discovery that there is no other choice for me, the creation of art and stories and music is what I've been put on this earth to do


kevinbrennan - 25 posts

Hi My name is Kevin Brennan and this is my first time doing the poetry marathon. I am from Dublin Ireland. I am currently working on my second novel, a science fiction story that starts in the present and goes fifty years into a utopian future where the human race saves itself and the planet thanks to a worldwide shift in attitude. My nickname comes from the title of my first book Gurriers. I perform poetry in The International Bar in Dublin every Wednesday at a fantastic event called Dublin's Underground Beat. This is a music and poetry open mike night where all artists are welcome. We get lots of overseas talent. Last night we had a poet from Chicago, a blues guitarist from Salt Lake City and a harmonica player from Germany. Any poets who come to Ireland should come and join us for a session.

Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis - 25 posts

A modern troubadour trading 365 global experiences for words through Project Curious. Lover of honey tea and fan of odd socks, about to start a writing residency in Italy for July! I am taking on the full marathon, and look forward to the glories of sleep deprivation and intense creative immersion! You can find me at www.crystaldavis.com.au or on fb as CrystalDavisAuthor xx


denisehill - 25 posts

I am Professor of English at Delta College in Michigan and Editor in Chief of NewPages.com, a web resource for readers and writers.


joanie - 25 posts

This is somewhat formal for a PIttsburgh girl--no MFA, just a love of words. By the way, I am doing half marathon. Joan Leotta has been playing with words since childhood. She has won awards in the USA and abroad for her writing and performing. Joan has four novels, a collection of short stories, and a picture book in print. Her poetry and essays are in Gnarled Oak, Red Wolf, A Quiet Courage, Eastern Iowa Review, Hobart Literary Review, Silver Birch, Postcard Poems and Prose and others. She recently completed a second term as a Tupelo 30/30 poet and her second picture book, Summer in a Bowl, comes out in September 2016. Joan also performs folklore and one-woman shows on historic figures and teaches writing and story performance. She lives in Calabash, NC with husband Joe where you can find her walking the beach or sorting travel photos. You can reach her at www.joanleotta.wordpress.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joan-Leotta-Author-and-Story-Performer/188479350973


Veronica Robbins - 25 posts

I'm a professional writer by trade, which means I write for food, but rarely for me. Married mother of two. San Francisco Giants fan. Dog lover, Lover of the written word.


dusty.grein - 25 posts

Dusty Grein is an author, award-winning poet and graphics designer from Federal Way, Washington. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where his 15 year old daughter is trying to raise him tight (with limited success). A contributing member of the Society of Classical Poets, he focuses on keeping the classic forms of meter and rhyme fresh and alive. When he is not busy writing, he donates a great deal of his time and graphics talent. In honor of his grandson Eddy, lost to SIDS at 13 weeks old, he creates free memorial images for bereaved families, with a special focus on infant and pregnancy loss. His blog, From Grandpa's Heart... is followed by fans around the world.


jlwright - 25 posts

J. L. Wright is a fulltime RVer enjoying traveling the United States. J. L. wishes to start conversations about current issues through an artistic voice in poetry, photography, and graphic art. Recent publications include The Wire’s Dream Magazine, GNU Journal, Whatcom Watch, Solstice Magazine, and Peace Poets Anthology and chapbook.


susanstedman - 25 posts

I started writing stories when i was 6 years old and it has remained my passion for 48 years now. My first public pieces were for my high school newspaper, then for our local county newspaper. I posted 35 stories & poems on a popular erotica website in the 90s, then exited that genre. In the last 8 years, i wrote essays for a ministry where i worked and produced all their literature. While there, I also led a monthly writer's group. All my life, i wrote for myself - as a form of therapy, I suppose. I have written dozens of novels over the years but never tried to publish any until last week when a persuasive friend talked me into doing it. As of today, I have 4 books published on Amazon. They make up a series that is part romance, part suspense with a teeny bit of Irish faery-magic mixed in. This is my first poetry marathon and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.


Leroy Leonard - 25 posts


Robert Nalagan - 25 posts

I'm 35, starting my long and painful but rewarding career as a culinary arts professional. I'm doing the whole marathon. I'm going to attempt to post every hour but alas I work the swing shift at a restaurant.


Leo Bianco - 25 posts

I started writing to get me through a hard time with my son's surgeries at the request of friends who said to try writing you can't keep it all bottled up inside and turns out I enjoy making people feel my words so I dabble every now and then, am i an author or poet? no i don't think so, have i been published? no other than my blog? am i a writer no I just write. why am i here? to see what real writers poets and authors think of my writing to see if maybe I am wrong and possibly I do fall into one of the categories that I have been thinking I'm not good enough to be in


Jennifer Meneray - 25 posts


ohaliiceblack - 25 posts

Retired guardian angel looking for a hobby. Land locked siren in a sun soaked body. 24, Los Angeles

Tessa Mountain

Tessa Mountain - 25 posts

I am an American high school student with interests in reading, sports, nature, and story-telling. I'm not very experienced with writing poetry (I'm more familiar with prose), so my style strays pretty often. My main goal is to tell a story with powerful language.


fiona - 25 posts

GIS by day. Writer by night. SuperHero in training. I welcome any feedback, especially thoughts on how to improve what I’ve written. Many thanks. 🙂


sreela - 25 posts

Doc B

Doc B - 25 posts

I write prose about the future and poetry about the present.


Samantha - 25 posts

Show me inspiration, and I'll show you the world. Budding writer, dreamer, lifelong learner. <3

Cameron Gilkes

Cameron Gilkes - 25 posts

I am freelance writer and photography by nights and weekends. By day I work in the standard 9:00 to 5:00 world of corporate America. I have been writing poetry since I was able to put words on paper. My life and my hobbies all revolve around this love for words. Everyday I challenge myself on how I can do a little more with my passion for writing.


danielzorn - 25 posts


megawriter - 25 posts

I'm a 20 year old young man from California who loves to write, act, play games, and so on. While I'm not currently a published author or poet, I have been a competitive writer on both a local and a global scale. This will be his first year as a participant in the poetry marathon and he is looking forward to the creativity and challenge.


shawker - 25 posts

Secondary English teacher in Worcestershire, England. Amateur novelist and follower of the old ways. Blessed Be! 😉


gmariec - 25 posts

everybody a poet


Betsy.Blackbird - 24 posts


Ardelle Ray - 24 posts

My name is Ardelle, although I'm also known as Ms. Tiger to You, or Ms. Tiger, or Tiger. I'm retired and live in Las Vegas. I began writing poetry and prose when I was 6, stopped when I was 18, then resumed when I was 54. I now write short stories themed to stage magic and illusion, and poetry. Perhaps I'll get courageous and try a screenplay or novel, who knows...


akboyle - 24 posts


Chloe - 24 posts

Chloe Forsting is 21 and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. She pursues poetry mostly as a solitary act and steals frequently from other poets to offset her perceived or actual shortcomings. She was inducted into poetry by her high school English teacher when he made the class read The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Things have more or less gone from there. She still likes T.S. Eliot in spite of his own shortcomings.


mikehauser - 24 posts


enelen13 - 24 posts


anilynstone - 24 posts


LiamStrong - 24 posts

I'm Liam, I mostly write poetry, but I've also won an award for a play I've written, and I want to further myself in the local writing scene in my town. I'm taking part in the full marathon, as a challenge, to get new material for a chapbook I may release soon, and read some great poetry!


janer - 24 posts

I have been writing poems since I wrote my first complete sentence. Maybe even before. Many things have changed in my life over the years, but the one constant is the power of the written word, the poems I dream, the songs inside my head.


efellows - 24 posts

I was born in Los Angeles, in the early '60, both Sun and Moon in Pisces at at arrival, and this intersection seems to pour from me. I am a mother of one, and grandmother now also, wearing the joys and terrors of a life well lived as a sort of armor for my last half here. I am articulate, and shy, yet open enough so that no one notices the shy bits, or, I hope not, anyway. I hold confidence in my hidings. I am educated, try to be well spoken, and am a musician and writer. I work to live, managing myself so that I am never swept away into the opposing world of live to work. I believe in the Collective Consciousness of All that has ever been, All that Is, and All that will ever Be. It, and the extensions of It, are my religion. I eat what I want, and offer gratitudes for the lives sacrificed for my sustainance. Regardless of my size, as it is known to fluxuate, I can often be found lying nude, or partially, under the Sun, or buoyant in the waters off my Pacific Island home, allowing healing and growth to purify me, and strengthen me. Lately, I wade in dry, hard dirt far from fish, but I will be home and in communion again soon. I am simple. What remains of my heart floats in a zip lock baggy, taped to the backside of my ribcage... I write poems.


marty58 - 24 posts

i have written and publish two poetry books i enjoy writing poetry


C.H. Carrick - 24 posts

I'm a writer, searching for publication.


Nicole Harlow - 24 posts


smileyone - 24 posts


wendyjones - 24 posts


avill013 - 24 posts


dkt2010 - 24 posts

Kathryn is an author and freelance writer, a self-proclaimed book nerd, and a lover of art and music. She tries to inspire through her writings. Join in the conversation at Facebook.com/trudeaubooks.


devikasri - 24 posts

Larisa Fernandes

Larisa Fernandes - 24 posts

Hi! I'm Larisa Fernandes, a high-schooler who's simply in love with literature. I plan on completing this year's marathon as diligently as I can.


dishakhanna - 24 posts

Diva that's what my kith and kins call me. Highly passionate to write and feels poetry is the way to pour my heart out. I am a real fun loving and adventurous person and loves to play with words. This Poetry Marathon is a creative way of expressing yourself by seeing the other creative minds moving on with the flow. Getting real fun being a part of it and wishes to be an every year poet from now onwards.


tazlover74330 - 24 posts


EvaElBeze - 24 posts

Eva Cherokee El Beze grew up in San Francisco, CA in an anarchist theatre collective. Eva has been published in magazines, journals and books for her poetry, personal essays and creative nonfiction as well as won awards for stage and film scripts. You can follow her on Twitter @evaelbeze She divides her time between India, Europe, Africa and California.


poetryglow - 24 posts


jill1980 - 24 posts

I am a freelance writer from Texas City TX with 5 published books and works published by Chicken Soup for the Soul and Hallmark.


diane6446 - 24 posts


LolaB - 24 posts

I'm a Children's author and Teacher. I empower children to see themselves the way God sees them. I love to watch movies, read and eat ice cream sandwiches.


starlafahye - 24 posts


ManuDrama - 24 posts


meriyenmarquez31 - 24 posts

My life it's a deathless adventure with the everyday challenges.✨I'm bless with the gift of motherhood, My girls are my everything, I see my life in the reflection of their eyes.✨ As a single mom i had many challenges, but I would take them all, allover again for my girls. I'm pursuing a level of education the leads me to a better job and a better income, going back to school at whatever ages, is better than sitting around waiting for a miracle. ✨ ✒️Writing it's one of my passion and i'm finally on the road with this project. I like to dream, and work hard on the path to my SUCESS. I can't sit here and wait for it, I must go seeking for my SUCESS. I prefer the true any time, lies would trap you. You can't build on lies, it will disintegrate. The true would always set you free. ✨ Be advise always be yourself, everyone else it's taken. This is why I'm myself, I'm UNIQUE and most important I'm always evolving.This is me✨


jeannine - 24 posts

Just realise I haven't told you anything about myself. But so excited about taking part, a bit I don't know what hasn't been following me since signing up. I contract as a post person, write a lot and just love to be alive doing all the things I like doing. Am a gran gran too and really proud about that fact. Cant wait to start but I have nothing to say,...


ladylazarus - 24 posts


ksds9899 - 24 posts

I am using this 2015 Poetry Marathon to honor the memory of my grandmother Barbara, who transformed into Light in January of this year. She gave me words to love. It is my best hope to use them now to reflect the beauty of her life.


catscrazi1 - 24 posts

I am blessed four times over with four wonderful children. All my life I have loved to read and I write poetry. I live in California but I would love to retire in Tennessee on a farm with a porch to have coffee every morning with God, family and friends. God is so good that when my daughter was 2 months old she had died and He brought her back to life. She is now 10 and is here for a purpose for such a time as this in my life. I look forward to the new challenge and hopefully a new career.


aisha154 - 24 posts


Lexanne - 24 posts

This is my third marathon. I am so very happy to be back! I’m from Centennial, Colorado, USA. i retired last year from teaching first graders. I miss them, but I am having a wonderful time rediscovering who I am. I am a Certified Red Thread Guide. I call circles of people together to find our connections and share our lives. I am also currently a Color of Woman in training with Musea. Musea is a museum, school, and guild focused in the philosophy of Intentional Creativity. We paint with intention to revision our stories. Writing has also been a passion for me and I enjoy adding photographs to my poems. I hope to do this throughout the marathon. Break-a-leg, everyone!!!

Tamal Kundu

Tamal Kundu - 24 posts

He is a homo sapien living somewhere in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta. His days require him to work as a media personnel at a daily newspaper, his nights inspire poetry.


Anwar Suleman - 24 posts

I live in Johannesburg South Africa. by profession I am an Attorney. My passion is writing especially poetry.


franniez - 24 posts


William Connors - 24 posts

Hey there. Welcome to wherever you find yourself. I hope you enjoy these words for whatever you find them to be. Snapshots of still motion and emotion and light, sometimes.


chelliebanner - 24 posts

Born some fourty plus years ago to a wonderful community of family friends and neighbors in West Philadelphia.i have over twenty years of experience working in the health care industry.Married my friend had two amazing children I call my Sun and Moon , even too great dogs. I would definitely describe myself as a classic city girl with the soul of a Georgia peach..


liamstrong2-0 - 24 posts

Hi, I'm Liam, I'm a published poet, and this is my second poetry marathon. I'll be doing the full marathon again this year.


nerp - 24 posts

I am a creative problem solver and relationship builder! After a career in residential life (5 campuses in 3 states) for over twenty years I am currently un(der) employed and looking for a position where both my experience and formal training in creativity can help a business, organization or nonprofit grow and be recognized. I'm married with two adult children and a spoiled rotten beagle.


connieburgess - 24 posts

I am a Mother of four daughter's, married for 25 years. I am a 3rd degree high priestess through Our Lady of Enchantment. Owner of Connie's Crafts & Crochet. I have been a part time writer since the 80's. Have been published in a couple of poetry anthologies...


foofiedoo - 23 posts

I'm a fifteen year old poet from Iowa. I will be participating in the full marathon this year.


holden lyric - 23 posts

Editor-in-chief of Paper Plane Pilot Publishing www.thepaperplanepilots.com


Cheyenne Bramwell - 23 posts


trehbein - 23 posts

"...the creations of poetry being more vivid and real than the poets themselves." ~ Herman Hesse "The Journey East" Montana native, rooted in Wyoming.


unpredictableeasty - 23 posts


lorettagraham - 23 posts

Born poet, Working Actor


Jessica - 23 posts

I'm drawn to the insides of things, like gizzards and puppet joints. Originally from Albuquerque, NM, I now live in Los Angeles with my cat, Joni Mitchell, and I love it here.


treal1971 - 22 posts


SpokenBlack - 22 posts


Andrea Fernandes - 22 posts


callanwh - 22 posts

creative writing student at ljmu / gold v support on league of legends / likes plants and poetry


S.A.M. - 21 posts


Dena Stephanie Cook - 21 posts

An aspiring poet and writer motivated by love,pain,passion and my over active imagination. Working on a book of poetry dedicated to the joys and pains of falling in and out of love.


Mallika Girotra - 21 posts

Hey I am Mallika, 22 year old Fashion Design Student from India. I was born in a city named Moradabad in Western Uttar Pradesh, India and right now I am doing my graduation from Delhi NCR. I am the kind of girl who would rather choose her hot chocolate and writing a poem rather than going out. Don't get me wrong..... I love shopping too.....as much as any other girl but I happen to love my poetry more....Hope you like my writings....Love light and poetry to all.....<3


Noodle - 20 posts

Hi! My name is Marci Darlington. I am 61 years old and I live in Mt. Sterling, Ohio with my husband John and our dog Cat Stephens. We just lost our yorkie, Charlie about a month ago. My parents also live with us in a mini apartment we added on to the back of our Victorian home. We have only been here for 4 years but we love it. I have lived in Central Ohio all of my life. We have 5 grown children between us and 10 grandchildren with another just announced to arrive in January. I am a parks and recreation director in West Jefferson and sit on the village council in Mt. Sterling. I have tossed my hat in the ring to run for Mayor this November (what was I thinking!). This is my first marathon. I have been dabbling in poetry since my good friend asked me to sign her autograph book when I was about 10. I am excited for the challenge and I am hoping to get tips from all of you seasoned marathoners. Here's to an awesome 24 hours!!


Patricia Harris - 20 posts

Patricia Harris is a poet, and author with several volumes published of poetry and three children's books. Mother, geek, and all around creative artist, Patricia is a full package.


mernel - 20 posts

I'm a Foreign English Teacher from Thailand. I'd been writing poetry and short story for quite a while. I love poetry because of its magical effect in telling a story. This is my first poetry challenge. I am so excited and a little anxious because I was not able to pursue this passion for a long time.


victoriajane - 20 posts

I recently broke a 20+ year writer's block! I have been freelance writing so I constantly focus on someone else's work instead of my own. I have returned to writing fiction, but have not yet made it back into the form of expression I have always been best at: POETRY! Twenty-four poems is a mere drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the poetry that is waiting anxiously in my subconscious to become manifest. This marathon is the perfect way to add necessity and deadlines to my inspiration. Even if I write the worst 24 poems imaginable, maybe my creative constipation will have passed. I'm looking so forward to this experience. Sharing it with so many other poets is fascinating and should be a great way to meet others who share my passion.


JenniferOlski - 19 posts

I've been a professional writer and editor for more than 25 years. Now I'm focusing on my own visions with painting, teaching creativity courses, and poetry.


grapeicies - 19 posts

Just a little woman livin' in a big city.


tmarion - 19 posts

I was born in a little country town called Belden, Ms. I was raised with three brothers by a single parent until I was twelve. We relocated to Leavenworth, Ks. I graduated from LHS (Leavenworth High School) . After about twelve years of snow. Driving and sliding on ice in Kansas, we had enough so we moved. My elderly mother and I to Panama City, Fl. Yes, the beach area was what I once said.


joyfulhope - 18 posts

In love with life, I am wife to my best friend and grateful mother to 7 children. A former licensed insurance agent, these days I love to ponder the classics and to write down thoughts which happen to come my way. Hopefully these reflections will lift up the beautiful, the true, and the good. I also enjoy experimenting with paleo/gluten free baking and the AIP diet. In my "past life", I lived and traveled overseas. I liked that, but these days I am passionate about pilgrimages: spiritual journeys but also this pilgrimage called life! My favorite thing, though, (besides learning as much as I can about my Catholic faith) is to just sit back with my husband and watch our children grow and bloom, like colorful flowers in a verdant field.


thesassycrayon - 18 posts


dvnmskm - 18 posts

Hi! I am Kim! First and foremost, you should know that I have a love affair with words and creativity. This is important to know, because I am always finding ways to put words on paper- another favorite past time of mine- whether in verse, fictional story or informative form. I have been known to blog on genealogy and homeschooling, more of my interests or hobbies. I love performing Spoken Word and do under the name Special K. I am terrible at memorizing, so I don't even try. Instead, I embrace Maya Angelou as I make my words come to life to entertain audiences. I am also a motivational speaker- though I feel like it is more an open window to my life, in which I invite people into and learn things life has (sometimes forcibly) taught me. I was recently nominated for an RVA (Richmond, Virginia) Award in the categories of Best Spoken Word Artist, Best Host and Best Performer and am the recipient of AN RVA Award in the category of Best Social Media Personality.


dohamonde - 18 posts

A writer/artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm inspired by the textures – visual and sonic -- of words on the page, and off; and all sorts of visual art. This is my second time participating in the Poetry Marathon. I anticipate writing writing writing, staring at the blank screen, staring out the window, writing writing writing, and drinking lots of coffee. And celebrating that others around the world are joining in this grand creative adventure. Thanks Caitlin, and Jacob, for making this possible!


tonet - 18 posts

Amy Wax

Amy Wax - 18 posts

I was created to write, with 2019 being my 40th year writing. I have an analog mind in a digital world and still compose longhand with pen & paper, which now seems quaint. A chronic overthinker, my writing is my release. With 99 volumes, 12,424 pages and 19,296 poems (as of this entry) my writing chronicles my life on every level, in far too much detail! Most poems are free verse, conversational, some imagist, extremely eclectic. I have several ebooks available at http://www.smashwords.com

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell - 18 posts


cpatton - 18 posts

I'm working on a visual poem called SCRO. It's going to be a scroll. (Also an installation I think). More about it here https://artofcompost.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/scro-part-i/ and here https://artofcompost.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/scro-ii/ if you're curious. Also I teach at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, USA. Looking forward to the marathon. Laying in Sharpies, X-acto blades, a toner cartridge, caffeine, nuts and berries, energy bars.


literarysoprano - 18 posts


punkpillywiggin - 17 posts

Autistic, college dropout, anarchist, witch, doing my best.


FionaThunderstorm - 17 posts

Personal info: - adult by law - biologically female - lives in the time zone GMT+1 (UTC+2) Poem stats: - writing since 2016 - written a total of about 10 poems - needs to work on English poem skills - looking forward to the Poetry Marathon


BloomingFire - 17 posts

I am a dabbler and dreamer in Portland, Oregon.


ranoblett - 16 posts

I am a veteran of the US Army and I currently work as a supervisor for a private security company. My passions are writing, music, (and sorry not sorry) Jesus.


onewithebony - 16 posts


tw3stars - 16 posts

currently pursuing an mfa-creative writing at my alma mater, mississippi university for women.


singlelaq7 - 16 posts


sneha - 16 posts


Samantha - 16 posts

I hate writing bios but I'll give it a go. I grew up in a pecan grove among the swamps of south Georgia, after my family settled where my Dad's folks were when he decided to retire from the Air Force. I've spent a lifetime making up stories and using my imagination from the gifts my parents gave me. I got my love of science from my Dad, Neal, and my love of people and art from my Mom, Crissee. I have a Bacheors in Social Sciences from Thomas University and now working on a Masters of Art in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.


mollymurray - 16 posts

I'm the author of Today, She Is (Wipf & Stock, 2014), editor of The Atelier Project (CreateSpace, 2015), and editor of the blog Paper Mill. My poetry and stories have appeared in places including Ink, Sweat & Tears, Quailbellmagazine.com and The Wayfarer (forthcoming). I have an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow; I love northwest coasts and the magic of creativity.


J.L.Delaney - 15 posts


jtripp - 15 posts


agirlwithaquestion - 15 posts

Just a 21 year old who writes and cooks at the same time. my likes are long walks on the beach, exercising on my free-time and creating art whenever my brain and fingers cooperate.


royalpurple - 15 posts

I'm a graphic designer, who loves photography, poetry & music.


virginiagalfo - 15 posts


cariesky - 15 posts


garystudley - 15 posts

Hi All. My name is Gary and I am an artist, blogger, compere, publisher, spoken word performer, tutor & writer of both poetry & prose from England. Phew! Put like that it almost sounds like I can't make my mind up! But they are all linked so... In recent years I've undertaken lots of writing & performance projects for: The Canterbury Festival's Laureate Squad; blogged as the Poet in Residence at Canterbury's Roman Museum; created ekphrastic poetry collections with pupils & artists local to me; run workshops & performed in many events & festivals in Kent. I am currently involved with 3 poetry & prose publications: as illustrator for a WW1 anthology, The Bigger Picture : Reflections on The Great War, published by SaveAs Writers; as designer & writer of SoundLines, an eponymous, group anthology; and There Is Another Way, my poetry collection based on obsessive love; social justice & what's that out on the periphery. I will shortly be working on both text & visual based design briefs with the Canterbury School of Visual Arts & am currently working with The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, as playwright for Return of The Unknown Warrior, a community engagement project based on WW1 & remembrance. When not working with external groups, I belong to or co-run 3 writers groups including SaveAs Writers and my own group SoundLines, co-founded with my colleague, JL. In connection with these groups, I co-run & happily compere two monthly Spoken Word Nights in Kent, one at The Jolly Sailor in Canterbury & the second at The Lighthouse in Deal. In the case of everything above, I write & perform because I like to get people excited by the arts and because I have to & love to. It seems like the closest thing I get to understanding how I tick or being seen as I really am.


Daveo12 - 15 posts

I believe in "Love & Art." A wild child who has slowed down to the speed of life. I Write and Direct Films, primarily and work on my book projects.


whimsygizmo - 15 posts


JGomez - 15 posts

Hi, My name is Janice Gomez. My writing name is JGomez. I love to write especially, poetry and I love to be creative.


aceshannon36 - 15 posts

Hi all, I have been writing since about jr high and I love it! I have won an Honorable Mention Short Story Award for my story "Timeless Love" and my book "Walk My Path" is on Amazon now. I also love to read, take lots of pictures (esp of nature and buildings), paint and scrapbook.


kali - 15 posts

I'm an artist, mother, and wedding planner. Love writing and making lemon meringue pie out of sucky lemons


sandraj631968 - 15 posts

Jana Lapel

Jana Lapel - 14 posts

Hi, I'm Jana Lapel...and I've been writing poetry since the age of 7...when my mom (a professional copywriter) was my teacher! I was born in Iowa...launched my career in Chicago and ended up in Canada ...enjoying a lifetime as a singer/actor/media host & writer/voice teacher & professional clown. Writing was a bonus in my career...and now in retirement I am writing my stories in a book...but poetry is my passion! Having worked with children for forty years...I am "hooked" on Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein's styles. No matter what I write about ...I cannot resist the RHYME...alliteration...and in my darkest days (after losing my husband and clown partner in 2007) my readers noted that "you still sound like Dr. Seuss"! Poetry writing has been one of my best "medicines" ever! This is my first Marathon....and since I am an insomniac anyway....I have challenged myself to the "full meal deal"! I don't drink coffee...so this will be a 24 hour chocolate binge...ah, chocolate coated words that rhyme....sounds like a Feast to me! 🙂


jennyd - 14 posts

I would consider myself a freelance/hobby writer. Although it has never turned into the career of my dreams it has been a personal hobby and my nature to openly express myself in writing since my first personal diary some 20 years ago. I come from Upstate NY with California roots. Writing was my biggest achievement and my release growing up. Writing has always been a freedom and a friend. A place to recollect and a place to hide. With this pen, the keyboard and these words you will see the words are my home, it is me and it is my comfort. I look forward to joining in the Half Marathon with everyone. Enjoy!


molwage - 14 posts

Nancy Ann

Nancy Ann - 14 posts

Most recently, I have been a substitute teacher. Before that, I lived as a "Community Organizer for Second Harvest Foodbank for a year, a GED program manager for 6 great years, and a teacher before that. Motherhood was especially bountiful; now all four girls and two boys are grown up. Grandma-hood is terrific. Most of my life has been in Ohio, but I have experienced poem- worthy visits to Washington, DC; Fort Drum, New York; Fort Lee, Virginia; Bloomfield, Iowa, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Wickenburg, Arizona; and Taos, New Mexico. My heroes are Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, Helen Prejean, and Joan Chittister and I take note of the fact that none of them are known best for their writing, they all have written significant amounts of stuff. And as if life needed a cherry on top, I have a soul mate husband.


hdavis8765 - 14 posts

Post-college citizen, baker of banana bread from a box, cherisher of words and languages, friend of Someone greater than she.


Nightangel - 14 posts

A daughter, a friend, a sister,a lover, a fighter.


MonicaLovesPoetry - 14 posts

Hi, my name is Monica McCawley. I have a published book of poetry already (He is My Hero: Memoirs of a Soldier's Mom) under my pen name Monica Newton. I also do Poetry Portraits which are original poems with special backgrounds/pictures. I just recently helped teach a Poetry Camp in our area for kids ages 8-12 and we are looking at teaching it again next summer and also teaching adults. I look forward to this marathon on Saturday and wish all of you creative inspiration and success.


zangie57 - 14 posts

My name is Angelle. I work as a bookkeeper/operations mgr for a law firm. I am an amateur poet, and do it mostly for fun, brain exercise. I am a History buff, and a voracious reader,


anomalousresult - 14 posts

I'm a technical writer with a massive financial company who blundered into the role through a series of lucky coincidences. But, I also write things that are non-technical, because procedures and processes are poor sustenance for the soul, and a wildly inappropriate place for reckless creativity.


potatopoet - 14 posts

I am a simple girl who seeks adventures among tangled, messed up, perfectly imperfect beautiful words, formed through the dance of my paper and pen, in tune with the rhythm of my heart and mind.


Mary-Jeanne - 14 posts

I was born in a city, its name is Seattle, where rain falls often and beaches are cool. I married at 19, and still love my husband, you just might say that I am a fool. Thirty some years later he still makes me laugh, there is no doubt that he's my better half. We had two lovely children, then fostered many more, some still call me Mom, when they knock on my door. I like to write poetry, I like to camp, I like to read and I like to take baths. Playing the ukulele and painting are fun. I could spend literally hours at the beach in the sun. The thing that I love on this earth, most it seems, is spending time with other people, soul to soul, or on teams. I dearly love nature, and being outside, this world is amazing, the creator can’t hide. I give praise and thanks, for all that I have. Even on hard days, my life is not bad. Stay positive and smile, look for gifts on the way, and life will be good, at the end of the day.


katapoet - 14 posts


crumcat - 14 posts


Sharon - 14 posts


DarlaK - 14 posts

I'm a published poet with a day job writing in Clearwater Florida. I post micropoetry on Twitter @darlak2012 and am working on several chapbook projects.


Edward - 13 posts

Modern, undiscovered renaissance man... Musician, songwriter, writer, artist, provocateur


Zara - 13 posts

Canadian who loves writing! First time doing the half marathon. Love getting feedback.


cmariewatson - 13 posts


brookelouvier - 13 posts

I am Brooke Gale Louvier. I grew up in New Hampshire but I’ve called Texas home for the last 13 years. I am married to an amazing man, and we had a beautiful baby girl June ’14. I write. I believe in the importance of telling stories. I write poetry as an attempt to see the redemption and beauty all around me, and to do my best to capture it, my “feeble attempt to express in inexpressible.” whereas the truth is that fullness of soul can sometimes overflow in utter vapidity of language, for none of us can ever express the exact measure of his needs or his thoughts of his sorrows; and human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars…” -Gustave Flaubert


internetloser - 13 posts


pentopapergal - 13 posts


Aisha.N - 13 posts

I'm a teenager with great aspirations for a writing career. i specifically love poetry and hope to bring out my th

Davita Joie

Davita Joie - 13 posts

MFA Creative Nonfiction '10


schmidtml20 - 13 posts

Hello! My name is Morgana and I have been writing poetry for about 12 years now. College put a damper in my personal writing, but--since I recently graduated--I am looking to get back into the swing! I look forward to "marathoning" with you all!


mdoerner - 13 posts


JohnnyG - 13 posts

I'm a househusband, and love it. Live in Bellingham, Washington-USA. Lived twelve years in Turkey, Italy and Belgium. A proponent of play-based learning, getting along with people is my greatest strength. The Great Blue Heron is my favorite bird. Humor is the key to life for me. I've never hit anyone.


wordmaster - 13 posts


rheakumar11 - 13 posts

Undergraduate economics and political science student by day. Writer by night.


jemarek - 13 posts

I am doing the half-marathon. I've done daily writings at times, including 30 poems in 30 days, which is sort of like this; I've also run many half-marathons, which is probably a lot more like this! I'm in Bellingham's time zone, so I'll be posting with the Left Coast-ers.


aihan11374265 - 13 posts


zoelogical - 13 posts


reneeaf - 13 posts


chivy76 - 13 posts


shadowprancer - 13 posts

Britt is originally from a small town in southwest Washington State, about 30 minutes from Portland, OR. She grew up on mountains and in rainforests and has missed Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge since she moved 3,500 miles smack dab in the middle of Connecticut. She writes poetry and short stories and enjoys table tennis and whitewater kayaking. She will talk your ear off about all things Portland and searches in the mass of the east coast populace for fellow west coasters.


oliviaa-wells - 13 posts


thomasdef1969 - 13 posts

I've been writing poetry for more than thirty-five of my 48 years. The hugest influence in my youth was Dylan Thomas, who taught me a lot about the music that a poem makes, and about shaping a poem into a conscious work of art. I find myself writing mostly light and humorous verse nowadays (there are always exceptions to the rule!). I'm fond of fixed forms, ghazals, villanelles, sestinas, but I also experiment wildly. Something of a chameleon on plaid, I'm afraid! Current reading includes Tom Hennen, Paul Celan, Ted Kooser, and others. Oh, yes, and I enjoy life in the suburbs of Boston, with a small indie bookstore a block from where I live! Dream come true.


Aymen Zaheer - 13 posts

Respected friends, i am from Pakistan, but born and grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and am part of the Pakistan Writers Club. Automation is my job, but poetry is my passion. Wrote various articles and local community reports that were published in news papers.


belight89 - 13 posts


Kai - 13 posts

Seton Hall English Major, lookin' to expand, hone, chisel, refine (i just ran out of verbs lol) her writing skills!!! New Jersey Native, been writin' since I was 10, readin' since I was 4, and I'm toooooo soupppppeeedddd!!! (yes, coffee, tends to drive me up the wall just a teensy bit 😉 jijijiji)


Diane - 13 posts


littlebit.anne - 13 posts

Living, dancing, and writing in San Francisco! Currently held captive to my couch with a broken foot...Excited to participate in the half marathon for the first time.


Elizabeth Castillo - 13 posts

A Professional Writer/Journalist/Short Story Writer/Blogger/Published International Author/Poet/Online English Instructor/Editor/Proofreader/Speaker. Published 2 books, "Seasons of Emotions" (UK), and "Inner Reflections of the Muse" (USA) and a co-author to more than 50 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, Romania, India, and Africa. Member, American Authors Association (AAA), PEN International, and Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT).


Alyssa Dearborn - 13 posts

I am a current English writing and literature major and art minor at the University of New Haven. I write weekly articles for the Odyssey Online, am president of S.P.E.L.L. (Student Pagans Educating Leading and Learning), and historian of WRITE poetry club. I reside in my first grownup apartment with my roommate and plants in West Haven, CT.


johncryar - 13 posts


Jessica Swafford - 13 posts

Jessica Swafford is a writer and poet from Georgetown, Kentucky. She has participated the last five years in Lexington Poetry Month. She is currently part of the Gauntlet, a year long, generative writing workshop.


Bstewie - 13 posts

I'm from Atlanta. I've always had a love for reading and writing. I majored in English in college. Currently, I'm an English teacher and I will begin an English doctorate program this fall.


Becky - 13 posts

I'm a 30-something year old married mama of four. I've always lived in the deep southern United States. My pinkies are always inky (I'm a lefty). I've loved and played with words since I can remember. Who needs a Narnia wardrobe when you have a library? Also, my hero is the librarian in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.


lauratalbott1986 - 13 posts


traci-icart - 13 posts


Elyssa Bishop - 13 posts


kriscleage - 13 posts


heather-groom - 13 posts

My name is Heather, I live in a small town in East Tennessee.I have loved writing and especially poetry for as long as I can remember. I was the kid hiding under the sheets with a flashlight just to read "one more chapter". Some of my favorite poets are ee cummings, Sylvia Plath, Carl Sandburg, WB Yeats, Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski and Pablo Neruda. I haunt my local libraries and bookstores waiting to find the next book I'm going to fall in love with. I love to lie to myself, as in "I can read a few more pages then go to sleep." And "after I buy these books I'm not going to buy anymore until I read them all." Reading and writing are my refuge and the most natural things I know. I am so excited to participate in this marathon and go on this journey.


alp2003tn - 13 posts


Katie - 13 posts


bayleykelly - 13 posts


StrayCatFeeder - 13 posts

I hail from the rainy Pacific Northwest, though I spent the bulk of my college years in the Tucson desert. I write fiction, creative nonfiction, and occasionally poetry. My favorite animals are road runners and snails because of their (polar opposite) charismas. My day job involves working closely with community college students as an academic coach.


Sulabelle - 13 posts

Sulabelle is a 26 year old poet originating from Oakland, CA. She was raised in Florida, where she began writing at a young age. Today she is a graduate of Florida A&M University with her BA in Political Science and a Green For All Ambassador. She pursues a career of writing, lifestyle blogging, modeling, gardening, and environmental advocacy.


runnerguy - 13 posts

Well I'm back. My wife and I repatriated back to the states 9 months ago after living in the UK on a work assignment for two years and seven months. I grew up in Illinois, lived near Atlanta and then the UK. We now live in Houston. It's a real adjustment for me. Moving back to the US has been hard. I really love Europe. I recently started writing again. Look forward to meeting new people and like minded writers. I hope to get some of my poems and short stories published. Cheers


mallikaagnihotri - 13 posts


janabrooke1987 - 13 posts


donnajeanpickett - 13 posts

Call me DJ if you wish. This is my first try at a half marathon and I am looking forward to it. I'm a retired 7th & 8th grade English teacher and have a piano and vocal studio in my home. Chocolate is the best thing around along with most other food. I'm and avid reader, love to sing, fly while downhill skiing, and grand children are the best thing ever invented. My husband and I camp and also visit our daughter in Europe, Africa, or Asia, wherever she is doing her freelance photojournalism. I look forward to spending some creative time myself and see what I can produce in a half marathon.


RuchiChopra - 13 posts

Hello, friends! I’m very excited to be here. My name is Ruchi and I live in Brecksville city, Ohio. I’m a published poet with a background of broadcasting media and print media, in India. I have been writing news assignments and news for a while but found my Nirvana in the poetry about 3 years back. Since then, I’m following, reading, writing, expressing thoughts, voices, and issues through my poems. I write mainly on the gender issues, social issues, and ecology. My poems have been published in online journals and anthologies in South Africa, India, UAE, Uzbekistan, and the USA. My inspiration to write mainly come from my surroundings and memories. I am looking forward to learning from you all. And, hope to connect with the like-minded people from across the world. Best wishes.


Phillip T. Stephens - 13 posts

Phillip T. Stephens, in the words of his mother, was the only child they ever planned on and the worst mistake they ever made. Unlike his father, grandfather, and three uncles, he refused the call to the ministry and was disowned by his family. They sold him at a pawn shop for thirty dollars and a first edition Thompson Chain Reference Bible autographed by Billy Sunday and Billy Graham. After being told by his minister father that he would live a life of liars if he didn’t clean up his act, Stephens plunged head first into his career, finishing in the finals of the Texas Liars competition in West, Texas three years in a row but never defeating George Bush, or Donald Trump (who somehow provided a Texas birth certificate). He rescues cats with his wife Carol for www.austinsiameserescue.org


Alexis - 13 posts

NYC writer, lover of slightly painful group challenges. Only doing the half.


annieshaw - 13 posts


genawilliams - 13 posts