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I'm a Canadian writer who wants to explore the alphabet in weird and wonderful ways.


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Sarah Noelle

Sarah Noelle - 13 posts

Hello fellow lovers of words! My name is Sarah, or Sunshine as many of my friends call me & what I write under on http://www.bigtoughgirl.org/blog/?category=A+Shimmer+of+Sunshine (my personal website is www.sunshine-in-a-bottle.com but will be under construction soon 🙂 ) I am a word lover to the nth degree. I always have been. I had a lust for writing & reading at a very young age & over the years have stifled & waned in my writing due to life events & circumstances. Aside from being a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a tomboy, an encourager, a truth seeker, & passionate as hell, I am also a birthmom, a speaker, a teller of truth, raw, humble, vulnerable, a Jesus lover, &, well, a writer. Depending on my mood is which of those (or multiples of) show up in my writing. I am a gypsy of sorts in that I have traveled & moved & shifted many times in my almost 34 years. I have been to 43 states & out of the country 10 times, I have lived & loved & hurt & cried & laughed & excelled & failed & gotten back up. And now I am here. With all of you 🙂 & I can't wait to share some of my thoughts with y'all! Thank you for having me here <3


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Hey everyone, my alias is Angel of Light. I'm on various websites like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Fanfiction, and Fictionpress, but I only have one series that defines me as a writer. It is called Darryl & Diana. If you are into romance novels, it is a series worthy of a read. I am here to better myself as a writer, so I can do whatever it takes to make my Darryl & Diana series the best series it can be.


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Writing poetry since I was a child, with most of my poetry created over heartbreaks and fictional characters I created for Skotos' Castle Marrach MUSH. This is my first half-marathon and I'm excited to participate and see what I create!


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Artist, community publisher. Poetry half-marathon first timer.


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I am a work in progress. And for some reason I thought I was done, settled, figured out. But, I'm no where near any of that and am learning to be okay. I am 35, I have a masters degree and an almost phd and I am not sure why or how or if I am even going to finish. I stopped writing poetry for over a decade because I stopped being my authentic self for over a decade. Go figure. I'm in between jobs and I between ideas about what life looks like for me- goals dreams plans and so on, and I am trying to value my talents even when no one else around me does or even when (gasp!) no jobs want them and I'm in debt up to my ears. I love to read, I love to stay in bed, I love coffee and eating and I have a lovely daughter and a tumultuous everything else - marriage stuff, depression stuff, identity stuff, money stuff, growing up being adult stuff. I love Tori Amos and Weezer and Sylvia Plath and Sherman Alexie. I am an introvert who has a diverse and open mind and a heart that's trying to figure out how to open again or of it even wants to. Maybe I like being cranky. Not sure yet.


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Multi-genre writer Jody T. Morse freelances for numerous publications such as ArtHouston, TexasLiving and Verbatim Poetry. She won WILDsound Festival’s One-Page story contest in May 2016 and blogs for the Luna Station Quarterly – a speculative fiction magazine. Jody is a member of the Writespace Writing Center and is an editorial assistant for Writership and Before & After Editing. Visit her website to learn more: www.bountifulbalconybooks.com.


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Lover of creativity, nature, books, movies, and so much more. I just moved from NJ to Florida and figured while I get settled why not get the creative juices flowing with a poetry marathon. Finishing up my studies for business but would also love to make writing more than just a hobby one day. If you enjoy my poetry feel free to check out my wordpress blog that I linked in my profile and/or my Instagram the.greatest.story.ever.told.


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I am here doing the half marathon for the first time. I am an Empathic Spiritual Healer who's been writing a very long time. I am married with one daughter and two dogs! I recently retired from a full career in Social Work to pursue my passion.


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I live in Poughkeepsie, NY with my husband and 2 year old son. I have been writing for almost 30 years, and have taught at both the high school and college level. Looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing with this marathon!


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So if you put a bass player, writer, designer, ideophile, and a couple of bananas in a blender, this is what you'd get.


Elly - 13 posts

A poet born and raised in the rainforests of the PNW. Currently wandering the desert, keeping a look out for any spot of green. I mother children and pets, and if there's an hour left at the end of the day, sometimes I get a shower.


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Hello! I am Janette from Bellingham, Washington and this will be my second Poetry Marathon. I will be participating beginning at 9 a.m. P.S.T. In May I graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing program from the University of British Columbia. It was wonderful. I am in recovery now. 🙂


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Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz, is a multi-awarded poet, editor, journalist, public speaker, linguist, educator and women’s advocate. Ceri Naz won the concluded Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 in Albania. She received the sair- gazeteci ( Poet-Journalist) award during the 34th KIBATEK International Festival of Literature and Arts in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey on November 8, 2014. She was chosen World Poetry international Director to Philippines by World Poetry Canada and International. She was a featured poet at Vancouver Word 0n The Street, World Poetry Canada and International and Poetry Around The Globe. She was awarded Empowered Poet 2013 during the World Poetry International Peace Festival 2013 in Vancouver ,Canada. Graduating cum laude with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in General Science at Pangasinan State University. Ceri Naz pursued higher studies in journalism, public speaking and leadership. She earned her post graduate studies in Administration and Supervision at Eulogio ‘’Amang’’ Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology. She had learned about the Nanotechnology and Aerospace at Massachussetts Institute Technology on June 2012. Currently,she writes for the Philippine Canadian Inquirer, Manila Bulletin and contributes to Reflection Magazine. http://poetassigloveintiuno.blogspot.com.es/search/label/FILIPINAS http://atunispoetry.com/2015/06/06/poetry-chronicles-of-caroline-nazareno/


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This biographical info was pried from my cold dead hands. I was born in the nineties, through no choice of my own. I graduated and activated and have the need to write scattershot poems of spiky tenderness, things to mean, spaces and relationshiops to reconvene in these pages that feel like an ant farm of one's own. Indeed, I write plentifully if with little discipline. But never submit! No capitulation! No surrender! Onward to victory. Who knows what will come about from these unsummed frays. Hopefully imperative developments, escaping my Hamlet-esque state of indecisive neurotic Denmark? Of course. This is where I can espouse my theoretical fascinations right? I care about the the jouissance of the original, the small emotional metaphysics of decision and perception, an atheist's dream of god's rogue bipedal brain cells and their declaration if not of faith then of dementia. We are the actuators, like the rocket-ship dreamers who turned out not to be fantasists, and their phschotherapists had to reclassify their obsession, and I am proud of my interminable skepticism, frustration, self-questioning, as all you could hope for in a responsible adult. Systems for people, not the other way around! But today I wonder what will be forgiven, what will be recognised, what will be decried, what will be liberated in this marathonesque challenge, what great messages will be sent to the strangers that are so many (if any) of our readers, creating some welcome sympathy beyond the observable. And what will bounce off like a basketball off the hull of an oil tanker. And there's plenty of concepts and material complaints to assail, assuage and arse about. Just keep digging. I am wearing flip flops, which is unusual for me. And doing this in a pair with mudlark. Wishing all of you well.


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I've loved books from an early age and it came as no surprise to my family when I started writing. Books made me happy and I hope to do the same for others.


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I am a hairstylist/makeup artist by day but I also dabble in theatre, music, and, of course, writing. I live in Montana, but my heart's in New York.


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I'm 14 and I want to be better at LoL c:


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I'm a teacher, artist, and sometimes writer. Originally from Chicago, I live in mountains in New Mexico, with my husband, two daughters, and a bunch of animals - dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and pigeons. I've lived in NM longer now, than I lived in Chicago. I love to teach and write poetry to my elementary students. I spent grad school (in art ed) making books/collages, and writing poems. I try to do both when I can, and want to do more!


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Leila is a memoirist, fiction writer, poet, Preeclampsia and Mental Health Advocate. "I live off of books, prayers and coffee, and spend my day chasing after 2 miracle babies."


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Here lately I've been describing myself as a 'micro-giggin', semi-retired senior. A special joy and benefit of being a baby boomer is the freedom to pursue my passions and concentrate on one of my first loves - writing. As the middle child of seven (7), raised in a rural NE Georgia town, characters and plots abound. Hopefully, the skills learned (long ago!) as an English major will not be too too far beneath the surface. Looking forward!


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I am an author, poet and storyteller. My writing is influenced by my family history, travels around the world, and the amazing writing of others, including Edgar Allan Poe, Robert ​Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson. I have several published poems and short stories ​and wrote for five years about local history for an online site.


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Davita Joie

Davita Joie - 13 posts

MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence. Married to nonfiction, but having a torrid affair with poetry.


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Lisa Allen Hyde is the pen name of a writer living in Northern California. She enjoys travel, live music and spontaneity. She thinks that daydreams are underrated and when not daydreaming, she loves delving into a good book. She thinks that the best things about solo commuting are the amazing car concerts that she gives everyday for an appreciative audience of one. Instagram: Lisa_Allen_Hyde Twitter: @LisaAllenHyde


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I'm a Riyadh City-based poet and freelance writer. I studied English Literature at university. I love reading and writing. I wrote many articles that were published in various web magazines. I am excited to be a part of this poetry marathon.


bgharison - 12 posts

Painfully introverted and woefully insecure -- I recently shared a years old poem with the friend who had inspired it. Their response has nudged me to explore this idea of poetry, and the half marathon seems to be a safe place to start writing poetry outside of my battered composition book shoved in the depths of my laptop bag.


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I'm a graduate student in drama therapy.


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I'm an English teacher with writerly aspirations. I've got a nearly edited novella, two half-written novels, dozens of somewhat defective short stories that need some TLC to see the light of day. I've been writing poetry as long as I've been writing, but it's fallen by the wayside. Time to put it front and center, at least for a day.


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I am a reader, writer, baker. Assistant to one cat (Lola) and two chickens (Agnes and Gladys). I currently live in Nampa, Idaho.


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Hello - I am Aditi - from India. I am/was/? an IT professional - now focusing on the home front since my son is now in his prime academic years...juggling multiple jobs...cook, teacher, driver, maid, you name it and I am it ! I love writing, I love reading ... this is my first online publication and so far I am thoroughly enjoying all this...


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Based in Atlanta, Georgia I am easing into the poetry marathon waters slowly by participating in the 1/2 marathon this year for the first time.

Kat Kidder

Kat Kidder - 12 posts

My husband of nearly 24 years, says living with me is like living with one of those static display balls in a science fair! I'm a creative, like you, and a million thoughts a day distract me - so this is a challenge and I'm excited to do it again. I have a son, a daughter, two stepdaughters, and three dogs. I'm a grandmother, great-grandmother, a poet (so some say) and I write children's books, video script editing for animated stories. I'm not as techie as I once thought I was, but I do have a blog and a couple of Facebook pages. Retired from a Christian Non-Profit in 2012 and I'm still trying figure out what I will be when I grow up.


GrammaticallySo - 12 posts

I currently am 27 and have been bedridden bedridden with chronic Lyme disease and multiple coinfections. This poetry marathon is a major challenge for me, and I'm determined to finish (the half-marathon) to prove to myself I can. Before my body crashed three and a half years ago and left me in bed except to go to the doctor, I attended Centre College in Kentucky, majoring in English and getting a minor in creative writing. Writing has been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember; at age 4 I was talking about writing a book. In college, and after enduring many life experiences that lended me a chance to truly dive deep into my poetry (I had written poems even as a child, but in middle and high school, and then even more in college, poetry became my go-to if I needed to explore my feelings, vent, or just chronicle my day or something positive or negative that had happened. Currently, I'm im the process of working on a project titled, "Made From My Bed Mixtape: It's Not Optional" – Yes, I rap in addition to writing poems, because to me, rap is just poetry put to music. There's currently no release date for this project, because I can't commit to a deadline, but in essence, it will be a CHH (Christian Hip-Hop/Rap) album, made by a chronic illness fighter, right from her own bed, FOR other chronic illness fighters, all the while tackling the issues that come with that physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, spiritually. I've also got a website dedicated to my journey with chronic Lyme, and it has a poetry section where I've shared some of my past work. If you're interested in checking that out, you can do so at www.lymeislame.com. I'm also a major geek, when it comes to words and language, and in general. Give me a comic book, a game boy with Pokémon loaded inside, turn on Doctor Who, pass me my Captain America hat and my Walden Pond book cover printed shirt and we will be good to go!😊 Outside of writing, I am also extremely passionate about figure skating and, as cliché as it sounds, I am Michelle Kwan's biggest fan...just trust me on this, I'm more than a little embarrassed of some of the extents my younger self went to just to try to contact her in any way/meet her/share things with her/just see her on TV. Boxes on boxes of VHS tapes of competitions are currently in our basement. (I live with my wonderfully selfless husband, Roger, and our copper-nosed beautiful brown eyed beagle, and we have two cats, but between everyone who reads this and me, please don't take offense, but I didn't choose the cats, they were already here-two of them-when I chose the man. Col(C)atteral damage, I guess you could say. But while I'm a major dog person and not so big on felines, I'm an animal lover in general, so they're here to stay and I wouldn't take them away from my husband for anything. Happy to be here and excited to try my best to fulfill this every hour commitment for 12 hours...I'd do the 24-hour marathon easily, because Lyme causes intense insomnia, zero-sleep nights, but my husband's birthday is tomorrow (8/14) so I have to at least attempt sleep tonight because I'm determined to make it a good day for him tomorrow. 🙂 (If you want to connect on social media, you can find me online on Instagram at grammaticallyso and on Twitter at both @grammaticallyso and @lymeislame. Cheers and God bless!


lsiens - 12 posts

1st half - marathon. Trying to challenge myself, do something new, force myself to be creative & to create...


lyricalmelody - 12 posts


gloriajeanwriter - 12 posts

I have been writing poetry since I was 16, not because I thought it was a "cool thing to do", but because if I didn't my head would have exploded. With a multitude of words billowing through my brain, I had no other choice but to let them out. Some have been funny, many have been sad, but mostly, they've been guideposts. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. g.


teetee53 - 12 posts

I have been writing poems since second grade when I won was recognized for writing a poem about Abraham Lincoln. After that I was hooked and thus began a lifetime of poetry as a way of life. I wrote constantly throughout school. I wrote poems in math class. I wrote poems in science class. It was all I wanted to do. In college I majored in creative writing and my final project was a poetry book. Recently I moved to Ventura, California and won a poetry contest hosted by Ventura county. It is my love and it is my passion.


heidibgw - 12 posts

Teacher, writer, lover of plants and dogs. Live in the Interior of British Columbia, a dry, hot climate, wine, lakes, pine and cactus. Two published books of poetry, working on a novel.


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vicrompoet-1 - 12 posts

I am a writer, a student, and a wife.


Quantum dolly - 12 posts

Swedish, 23-year old, DFAB intergender person. Likes science fiction books, pop culture, computers, animals and art. I will be doing a lot of things on the 23rd, including going to a massive party organized by a socialist party, cleaning, eating tacos, and seeing my lover for the last time in almost a year. I therefore plan to write my poems about what I experience and feel. I don't have a particular style I usually write in, but I'm very inspired by (read as: unnaturally attached to) Rimbaud and Palahniuk, so I'm guessing that will probably show. I might write some of my poetry in Swedish, or mix languages, but I'll try and write most of it in English.


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I.B.Y - 12 posts

A simple heart carrying wild dreams.


rachel-bryan - 12 posts


KofiAcquah - 12 posts

Eduful Ishmael,popularly known for his art and creative works as (Kofi Acquah) is a young aspiring African poet,a writer and a spoken word artist.He was born in the Central Region of Ghana.He is in a poetry movement called ''THE VILLAGE THINKERS'',and they receive numerous accolades every now and then especially when they are seen on the podium with tight spoken word performances and flows!


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Speculative fiction, Short Story enthusiast, getting more into the poetry side. Check out charleslafollettewrites@wordpress.com


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Graduate student and former IT professional with a lifelong love of writing and research. I enjoy reading and writing poetry, sci-fi, fantasy and noir.


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asully123 - 12 posts

I love writing. I've been doing it since I was little. I love to create. I love painting, singing, acting, anything creative. I love trying new things. I have 3 boys that I love playing with- brings out the 'kid' in me. My hubby and I practice the law of attraction and continue to grow in learning it. We all love to get outdoors everyday possible. We believe LOVE wins! I love to see things as if for the 1st time, even if it's not. I love life and I do what I feel at the time it moves me. No planning! Just being and doing and living life as the experience that it is.


angela - 12 posts

Im 54, have 2 grown daughters and 9 grand children. I was widowed in 1981 and am finally happily married for 5years to an ex bullrider. Ive written poetry my whole life. I am currently working on my short stories and essays.


shomo94 - 12 posts

Just a Mum who writes when she can, does yoga when she can and reads when she can.


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jaxvincent - 12 posts

Jax lives in a wonderful part of Spain, Galicia, with her sainted better half, John and one cat, Freddie. She feels very fortunate to be able to have left the busy life of an employed person, but she is busier now than she ever was. She is currently building 200 meters of dry stone walling, not all at once, creating a garden from half a mountain and plotting and scheming her next creative adventure. She is passionate about textiles and pattern and has been known to disappear into her workroom and not surface for several days, except for food and sleep. She creates items from scratch sculpting concrete planters and moulding beeswax candles. She loves the winter when she can light the wood-burner, pour a coffee and write. This is an impossible task in the summer the weather is too glorious and she loves the outdoors.


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Helen M

Helen M - 11 posts

college student trying to remember her creative roots before diving into senior year ~ telling stories of her immigrant family and her asian-american experience in the US south


PrincessJellyBelly - 11 posts

I want to get good at poetry when I'm sober... Sure I'll do that if I force myself to do something like this and read the works of others. I always welcome feedback and I can't wait to suffer with everybody else on this marathon. I'm not yet brave enough to do 24 hours... Maybe next year?


dlaustin3 - 11 posts

Hello, I have little experience writing and I am eager to begin. I am 44 years old and in the midst of the glorious challenge of figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. I am drawn to writing in most genres. I write and speak on various non-fiction topics. My desire is to break into freelance work and fiction novels. I am anticipating the Poetry Marathon will challenge me, but I welcome it.


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seventhsolstise - 11 posts

Hello fellow word architects. I go by Seventh Solstise (change in the spelling), I am a retired Elementary School teacher, and was employed in that capacity for 21 years. I was formerly the Risk Manager of the City of Compton, performing loss prevention and employee rehabilitation referral and disability retirement services. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University, and later attended National University to obtain my California Teaching Credential and Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership. I am the proud mother of three beautiful and talented daughters. I have worked as an Insurance Agent, College Counselor, and Grants Writer for the Compton Police Department and have enjoyed enormous experience working in this capacity. I am now retired and seeking to publish my writing and poetry. I am extremely excited about the Poetry Marathon and pray my hands and my mind hold up to the challenge. Return Victorious!

Sarah Lee Strobel

Sarah Lee Strobel - 11 posts

I have one eBook published and dozens more on the way. My first paper novel Fishing With Dynamite is due on shelves this year. I work as a 4-Star content writer on both Zerys Content Marketplace and Textbroker International. My range of genres continues on from erotica to comedy.


KiOr - 11 posts

...writer of everything. well, except technical manuals. but clinical protocols! writer, dreamer, mama, midwife.


rain - 10 posts


haileynicolegeorge00 - 10 posts

I am a full time student currently working on two novels and various works of short stories and poems. My two poetry chapbooks, Beyond Words and The Emotionless Enigma, are available on amazon.


anonymousme - 10 posts


ladylannae - 10 posts


kenny sztejner - 10 posts

My name is kenny sztejner, I am 16, from Ontario Canada and I am quite new to writing, i've been writing mainly since the past summer, this past October i won "Young Poets Of Canada" so my poem is being published in their anthology, which is where i started to get enough confidence to share my poems with others, I am doing this marathon in hope to meet other poets and to share ideas, and get my thoughts more out in the open.


Abrielle - 9 posts

I'm a full-time Creative Writing and English major. I am freelance at the moment, and trying to put as much exposure and experience under my belt, or pen 🙂 I self-published my first children's book in 2012, I hope to finish publishing my entire series in the future. Poetry has always been my forte and niche. I'm thrilled to be a part of this experience. As for me, I plan to write my heart out for the rest of my days, even if it kills me.


reink - 9 posts


erinelise2184 - 9 posts


mmfemme - 9 posts


anjanajames - 9 posts

I am Anjana .Scribbling at right and wrong times ,at mood swings and enlightenments .Excited to participate for the full marathon.


Blaze17 - 9 posts

I'm a Washington, DC native who loves to write! I'm a long suffering Washington Redskins fan! I'm a cheerleader for the underdogs, black sheep and come back kids.


canyonwriter - 9 posts

Artist and poetice, working in Historic Fairhaven, 1000 Harris, #6. Saltwater, a book of poetry can be purchased at Village Books. Teaches writing at WCC. Graduate of PLU with MFA in creative writing.


garwig4 - 9 posts

2017 is my first poetry marathon. Excited to produce work and face the challenge. Taking a basic, no-ideas-but-in-things approach. I live and work in Youngstown, Ohio.


pzychorockgirl - 9 posts


alextheauthor - 8 posts


willowriver44 - 8 posts


vartika - 8 posts

16! Nerdy! Cool! Lobe to do sports! Published Author! Love to write! Poetry lover no matter genre! Love to explore and above all miss CREATIVE!


Arche (ärk) - 8 posts

A poet, a procrastinator, a ponderer. A wordsmith, a warrior, a wanderer. I'm a 36 year old father and aspiring writer using my words to wander into Wonderland. I'm ready for a life less ordinary.


bectora - 8 posts

I am a mother, wife, teacher and wordsmith based in North Nottingham, England. I have had several plays published under a pseudonym, and am a frustrated actor, with words and text as my tool. I love literature. Any sort of literature. And I love music. When I can combine the two, I am in a happy place. I spend a good portion of my day with the teenagers I work with, and take inspiration and joy from them. Their world and mine cross over in so many ways, and yet are so distant in others. They keep me young, and yet make me very aware of my age at all times. I am looking forward to the poetry marathon, but as someone with a full time job and a 5 year old son, I am not sure how much of it I will manage. It's a great challenge and I'm keen to give it a shot and see how I do. Looking forward to meeting you all


maureenmac - 8 posts

I am an Art/Art Hist Professor at a College in Michigan. I had a minor in Poetry as an undergrad, in the early 1990's. I'm probably our of practice, but I'm thinking this half-marathon is a good challenge for me.


mystique3 - 8 posts


greyray - 8 posts


epicraes - 7 posts

Greetings all, I am an enthusiastic yet socially aware writer who has just been blessed with the new title as mom as well. So you can imagine I haven't got to do as much writing lately. I have been writing poetry, plays, short stories, etc since I was 9 and am very excited to be in this years marathon!! Yay! Let's do this 🙂


dramirez - 7 posts


mroselanis - 7 posts


deruspeaks - 7 posts

Born to write. Gifted to speak. Formally afraid to share my gift and love for writing. Ready to share what God has given me and open my world and others to the gift of words and the beauty of lyrical expression. My name is Talaya. Poets call me Deru. I am DeruSpeaks.


simeonscull - 7 posts

I'm a young man of twenty four years. I love art and poetry and stories of all kinds. I am inspired by mythology and by old tales I think of myself akin to an old irish bard although I'm american. I love to gaze in wonder of things. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something you didn't know. I hope I use the opportunities. Never be the same person twice is one of my motto's. Another is that the only truth to be found must be found for yourself. Live for the moment for it may not come again.


mrslibertyrock - 7 posts


dirtwaffles - 7 posts

Originally a northern California girl (San Francisco bay area), I am currently living in a small town in Oklahoma with my husband, two teen daughters, and many pets. People here like football, church, trucks, country music, and hunting. I don't like any of these things. Cultural pursuits such as The Poetry Marathon and NaNoWriMo, along with reading too much, help me stay cheerful.


ChelleA - 7 posts

I'm always looking for writing inspiration in everything around me. I may not always be able to unlock it in my brain at the moment, but I've come to appreciate life a little more each day. Kansas is the place I call home (and there's no place like home!). I love to read, go to movies, spend time with my family and friends, and hang out with our 2 dogs.


thinkoflove - 7 posts


nikhilbhardwaj - 7 posts

Hello im gonna write about everything from every angle.


antara - 7 posts


Heather Soulen - 7 posts

Scientists, science writer/communicator and creative


pamela19 - 6 posts


alicesaifi - 6 posts

I m the only star which lighten other's life, without having a spark of fire


drepens - 6 posts


Jo - 6 posts

I'm book a nerd and nature lover, an ex-firefighter and a current liver-of-lifer who has learned a lot about chronic pain over the years because I have it. I've lost my identity and found it again, I've been in some deep, dark places, and somehow climbed out, and I want to help others do the same. I want to give voice to the invisible, and hope to the disheartened. Life is now, let's live it.


jazmine1978 - 6 posts

Im a single mother of four. Poetry is life.


L W - 6 posts



brettclay - 6 posts

Born in Kansas City and currently enjoying Colorado's magnificent Front Range, Brett Clay Miller is a locksmith by trade, the father of three, and a lover of words and motorcycles.


johannabowman14 - 6 posts


onemoore - 6 posts


authorhj - 6 posts

Multi-genre writer & many other things. 5 star ratings on Amazon and Kobo, as of 2016. I currently have 5 titles released; with 2 paperback editions coming out in July of 2019. Genres include: Poetry, general Fiction and YA. From Canada. Left-handed.


lionking - 6 posts


Adri Sinclair - 6 posts

Afrikaans speaking South African living in London. I have a few way-ward streaks, but poetry has always been the one way to express myself.


kvclements - 6 posts

This is my first time participating in the Poetry Marathon, although I have been writing poems for years (If you'd like to see those, they are on starsister12.deviantart.com.) I've been been writing stories and poems since first grade. Speculative genres are my passion, although high fantasy and classic science fiction hold special favor. In my freshman year of college, I was introduced to anime, manga, and cosplay, and enjoy going to geek and anime conventions like (Re)Generation Who and Katsucon (when I can afford it). I have a B.A. in English from Penn State and work as a public library assistant and freelance editor. My various amateur talents include sketching, swimming, sword-fighting, and playing the ocarina.


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Primary Mediums: poetry, short fiction, blog content and novels. Genres: Lyrical Poetry, Freestyle Poetry, Prose Poetry, Urban Fantasy Fiction, Occult Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, High Fantasy Fiction, short nonfiction and Drama. Completed Works: Occult Fantasy Novel Long Lost: 2010. “The Lonely Pilot” poem: 2004, Artemis a complete collected works of poetry: 2012. “The Ring” the first short story in a series titled Bloodsport: American Gladiators.: 2012 “Danger Zone” dramatic flash fiction: 2014. “The Second Time Around” science fiction short story: 2014. “On the Fringe” short story: 2014. Oberon: Occult Fantasy, novel-length fantasy series (first installment titled Edict). 2013. Basic CVS Pharmacy Technician Training Manual 2015. Active Projects: Crimson Atlantis Series: novel-length steam punk/ fantasy series (first installment titled The Red Book) “Radio Silence” speculative short fiction. Urban Fallout: serialized novella


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Hi there.I am 48 years old and I am married.I am blessed with 7 boys and a grandson.I love to write poems but I do not have much time to write.Hope to learn more with new friends here.


KArmourPoetress16 - 5 posts

I am a Southern lady, who loves to create poetic works of art. I love poetry!


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nyasiae - 5 posts

Peace, my name is Nyasia and I'm a recent creative writing college graduate. I have a passion for poetry and cooking. Harlem is where home is, but Maryland has my heart.


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Mom of two. Prankster. Investor. Student.


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Historian looking for her voice. Exploring options. I have a kitten named PunKin. Cautiously optimistic about completing this 1/2 marathon with some decent poetry.


Anna Marie - 4 posts

I am a 25 year old Myrtle Beach native, which tells you less about me that it would about most. I am a poet, philosopher, entrepreneur, challenge-seeker, and full on Beagle mom.


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Kofi Acquah is a student and a writer (poet, author and novelist). He is a certificate holder of the 2015 American Poetry Marathon. Having received media attention from the likes of Cape 93.3fm-Ghana, Fifthwall Radio, Florida-USA, Tuck Magazin-USA, Lunaris Review-Nigeria, thepoetswithoutlimits.com, allpoetry.com, poemhunter.com, stageafrik.com and bestnewpoems.com, he is also a co-author of "PALM LEAVES" (a poetry collection published by Forte Publishing in Thailand and Liberia).


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Shloka Shankar

Shloka Shankar - 3 posts

Shloka Shankar (b. 1989) is a freelance writer and poet from Bangalore, India. She loves experimenting with all forms of the written word and has happily found her niche in Japanese short-forms such as haiku, senryu, and haibun, as well as found/remixed pieces alike. She enjoys singing and creating abstract art in her free time. Her found poem was nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology in 2015, and her poems and visual art have appeared in over 175 online and print venues of repute. Shloka is also the founding editor of the literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shloks89/


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Father, spouse, grandfather, gamer, insurance, writer (not author).


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I am just an old soul, southern housewife who loves to write poetry. I have been writing since I was about 11 years old. I guess its true, they say if you are meant to be a writer its not something you can just quit. I get frustrated with it sometimes, yet I can't stop trying.


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I live on a small Maine Island. Love to garden, walk on the beach... and write poetry.


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Hi, my name is Rohan Rathore and I write at a blog name The Twenty Something on my website www.rohanrathore.com I'm a writer, a blogger, a geek, an artist, a scientist, a believer and a seeker. I'm not perfect, I'm just passionate about practice.


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What a thing to do, write every hour for 24 hours. I'm looking forward to the challenge.


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My name is Shannon Radford Hughes. I am a wife of one and mother of 3. I am a freelance writer who is looking to turn my passion into my career.


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Serena here 🙂 half marathon, written on a plane during the wee hours of the morning. I'm new to poetry, please bear with me.


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Dreamer. Writer. Thinker. Poet.


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Poetato Maruko

Poetato Maruko - 2 posts

A guy whose life is messed-up just like his penmanship. I am a Filipino. An amateur poet, writer, photographer, artist. An ambassador to the office of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Kainos. I am a potato. I study history, geography, astronomy, theology, and many more!

Caitlin Thomson

Caitlin Thomson - 2 posts

I am a poet, mother, & editor living in Bellingham, Washington. I came up with this idea while eating lunch five years ago. I thought it would be a fun way to creatively torture myself. My husband thought it would work better with community, and really that makes all the difference. To learn more about my writing you can visit my website here: http://www.caitlinthomson.com/


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I am a retired, lapsed poet/writer and am looking forward to the marathon to help me get started writing again. I have a BBA and I almost completed Masters in Literature. I have a daughter, a son, four grandchildren and one great granddaughter who keep me kind of updated on what's hip and give me great, great joy. I live in Michigan which is beautiful, but I wish the winter was warmer and shorter. I am really excited about this event!


richardosler - 2 posts

The thing is how to fit a life inside anything - a fist, a smile, a frown. How to fit in a 100 pound mountain dog, four adult children, sixty six years? And my dearheart, Somae. How to fit in specialty money management, journalism and now, full time, poetry. A full length volume last year, Hyaeana Season, a chapbook in 2012. And writers retreats (seven in the past 12 months including a ten day poetry retreat in Italy) and almost a hundred poetry therapy workshops!


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I come from the capital of Croatia. My whole life is about writing: poetry, novels, plays, haiku ... Even reality shows and quizzes. Ever since I remember, and it all stated at 6 with first days of school, I've been nothing but devoting my life to writing. Unfortunately, having so much behind, does not mean I am successful yet. Besides several poems being published, all I am facing are constant rejections. Some say I am over complicated for them and others take it easier to put it aside after ten pages. Last I wrote were two strategies that I have presented the president of the Euro Parliament in Brussels and that would greatly increase problems with unemployment and poverty. As every other work, it's been put aside with kind words of rejection. As for my professional calling, I am an engineer of the laboratory medicine and I am currently working on three manuscripts and a play.


mom2dilandcon - 1 post

I am a Caregiver by day and a writer of short stories and poetry (free verse, Haiku, Tanka, Haibun) by night.


Patricia - 1 post

I was born in Buffalo, as were many writers. We stayed inside a lot in Buffalo, and this, I find, makes for great literacy in an area. I live in Florida now, where the weather is so hot most of the time that we stay inside a lot, and that is, I suspect, why many writers came from Florida. I'm retired.


Chokka - 1 post

I'm fascinated by all genres of literature but always turn to poetry to lighten up my mood or simply to enjoy my time when I am sitting around. I love language and rhyme and I hope to read amazing poetry during the marathon today.


aroberts08 - 1 post

Full-time mommy to my one and only precious baby boy. First time Poetry Marathoner and excited to give it a whirl. Native Floridian living right next door to Mickey Mouse and Cinderella's Castle. Okay, maybe more like an hour away, but it's still pretty magical. Excited to write some words in a poetic manner and see if I'm any good at it. Did I mention I was excited to write some poems?


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