Go Straight Ahead, Don’t Look Back Now

Courage is all it takes to cross a bridge to go somewhere new.
And leave everything else behind from where you are.
Take it slowly.
One step at a time.
That will be the start of your journey,
Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Perseverance is all it takes to continue walking that bridge.
No matter what situation you’re in.
Whether in the midst of scorching hot sunny day or thunderstorms.
Take it boldly.
With each step, give your heart out.
Just continue and you’ll understand and see,
What your journey is all about.

Strength is all it takes to stop for a while and rest.
Don’t worry, it’s okay.
You’re just stopping for a while,
You won’t pause your whole life.
Because sometimes, in order for you to go another mile,
You need to go to your refuge to be able to strive.

Bravery is all it takes to burn bridges that you don’t need anymore.
You have to have the guts to leave things behind,
Especially if it will just give your heart and mind a heavy load.
Sometimes, it’s better to give up a few things,
That weighs too much on our packs.
And when we have finally decided what to set aside and what to bring,
Stand up, heads up, walk on. And no more looking back.

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