#20 Guiding Light

Your eyes always twinkled,

they spoke their own language,

Always shining like they were secretly laughing

Just out of pure joy.

They had fire, those eyes,

they showed the ridiculous strength you possessed,

Hard with suffering, yet soft with love,

they were like a lighthouse to my wandering soul,

But now they have extinguished,

And I’m lost.


– Prachi S


4 thoughts on “#20 Guiding Light

  1. This is a wonderful poem Prachi! Oh, those shining and laughing eyes are tempting! I love the personification in this poem-beautiful! I love the line “…they were the lighthouse to my wandering soul.” Excellent metaphor. What do you think about capitalizing the words Lighthouse and Soul for emphasis? Wow! Very impactful! Well done!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Ingrid! Will definitely try your suggestion. I have always written poems in the traditional rhyme scheme and this Marathon was the first time I tried something different so am glad to get more pointers. 🙂

  3. Prachi! You are touching my soul! What a gifted writer you are. Have you published before? This poem is another example of your insight. You are going to have a horrible time choosing only two to submit to the anthology. Guess you’ll have to put the rest in a chapbook and sell on Amazon!

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