#24 Gift

Mobile phones were still transitioning from

Luxury to necessity during my college days,

I never wanted one, never asked for one,

I knew there were bills that needed to be paid.


My brother walked in one evening,

A brand new Motorola flip phone in his hands

‘For you,’ he said, smiling happily,

This was a month’s salary, plus savings that he had.


Even he didn’t have one, and he worked,

Yet, he thought of me first,

He beamed as he gave it to me,

I stood there speechless, I had no words.


That moment’s significance has grown with time,

The sacrifice, the ready compromise,

This simple selfless gesture,

I cannot recall it with dry eyes.


I have had many phones after that,

But that tiny black phone holds a special place in my heart,

It stands for everything my brothers and I were, still are,

Each other’s backbones, even when apart.






5 thoughts on “#24 Gift

  1. This was very poignant, Prachi. You captured this gift in a rare, insightful way that uses a common thing such as a telephone and communicated to your reading world a wonderful expression and appreciation for the simple things in life and for the simple things in life such as a family member that are really not so simple after all. And yet, you conveyed the priceless gift of love as compared to him giving all he had for you first. Such selflessness! This is vast and I hope you continue writing things such as this.

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