Hi. I am Prachi from India and this is the first time I am participating in this marathon. I am so excited! I began my writing journey with poetry during a trying time of my life and I have been writing ever since. I have always been inclined to the traditional rhyme scheme and it is only recently that I have come across the modern ways of writing poetry and I can’t wait to try it myself! I have realized in the past few months that although I love this art form, I don’t have much knowledge regarding it and this marathon will give me an excellent opportunity to read all the different styles.

Cheers! 🙂



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  1. I enjoyed reading your works. It’s dumbfounding what you created in an hour or less for each piece! For what it’s worth, I think you have a real gift and talent. I’d love to see more of your writings so if and when you publish more, please let me know! You have a fan in me.

    1. Hi Stef. Thank you so so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I am always doubting my work and your encouragement is a huge boost for me. I am a fan of your work too! I enjoyed your poems and Love Story is one of my favorites. I am definitely going to check out your books as well – you have a great writing style. Cheers!

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