Prompt 17

The Weather


Hey nice tither

The weather nice and wither

Do your teeth grit and wither?

Like a rose grew and wither

Written like a song, prose verse and thither

I sang like Johnny Lang

And groove like Elvis

Bang! Bang! Daddy’s dead.

As prince guitar plays purple rain,

The rain pours upon the earth

Hey nice and thither

Is the weather nice and wither?

Like Amanda Pérez

Do you prayers go unanswered?

Does your mind wonder? 

Is the question why circles around your mind

Still frozen icy cold,

Like a cold chill that runs up your back

Trembling can you take it?

Still invisible wandering

Oh, invisible me shan’t this death take heed

Or you just couldn’t have me

These legs and thighs

Hey nice and thither

Did you just grew old and wither?

Like an old maid 

Like Johnny Lang I still sing

Till I make your back slang

Are you ridden of me?

This is the ghost that flies in the wind


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