Dear Emily,

What I miss 

Is far beyond any skies can hold

I need no hint

I do believe you were heaven sent

I miss the late night conversations

Which might lead to sexual relations

When I feel your soft brown skin,

That is all it takes to begin.

Oh how I so love your face 

And fall in love over and over again.

 I miss your smile and your brown eyes.

Even more how your evil look

 Could make a cat lose all nine lives.

I miss hearing your voice,

Me falling in love …I had no choice.

I miss how

 I use to walk up behind you,

and kiss you on your neck

Or how I be mad at you 

And climb back into bed.

I’d tell myself I could fight

But I was truly misled.

I miss holding you in my arms

Trying to protect from

 all your worries and harm.

I miss your back rugs

 and those really long hugs.

Oh yeah, 

I miss sneaking in your mom’s house,

trying to be quieter than a mouse.

Also, I miss my best friend.




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