Sing in Me, Muse

Do you feel spiritual? No, I am a photographer
Do you drink? No, I cuss
On my walks, I listen to the street signposts
Reality is not always possible or likely – Borges
Hand on the door – anything else?
After the last book
So, it begins
Radical evil always appears when a radical good is desired – Arendt
Master of the answer, God tolerates only the question – Jabes
Sometimes a question is the flash of an answer – Jabes
Do not confuse justice and truth – Jabes
You have often been wrong. You are just – Jabes
Perhaps, hope is the book – Jabes
The absurd – my revolt, my freedom, my passion – Camus
Oblivion takes refuge in oblivion _ Jabes
The void is a voyeur – Jabes
This is how it ends

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