Time travels through space In every way they want us to miss

Miss the train

miss Those who never left

misappropriate the moment or an intention

what is the point?
of spinning in or out when it’s all in every now?

because I thought it today doesn’t mean tomorrow it’s real

or saw it in the future and believed it now

what is it about time that has us all so enslaved?
listen the boss do what you’re told

fill up with nothings in the way to getting old

get on code or stay out of the fold

this moment is now and the next is now too

just because I said it doesn’t mean it’s true


One thought on “Fold

  1. Hi: a timely topic. As the years go by time becomes more important. It may seem that it’s filled with nothings on the way to getting old, but hopefully not. And an interesting last line that sends the reader back to read the poem again — to make sure of what it is the poet is saying. thanks.

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