“No one who survives to speak new language, has avoided this: the cutting away of an old force that held her rooted to an old ground / the pitch of utter loneliness…” – Adrienne Rich


if i always knew how to say no

i wouldn’t always have to be the one

the lonely one who


if we work together to

learn to speak

our worlds would be new

this crafting of a new language

that a survivor has

when denial of reality can’t be avoided

the pain this

utter maw of pain the

darkness cutting

through stripping away

the truth of

our experience an

eternal longing these old

wounds have this force

to be understood that

propels us to be held

by a greater Her

a god if you will that is rooted

like a mighty tree to

all that is right and true an

ache that is worn down old

grooves permeating the ground

of our spirit the

axis of a universe that will sway and pitch

to deliver us safely and free of

doubt the utter

truth of a woman’s loneliness


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