Hour 15: Freckles

I didn’t have freckles when I was young

I noticed the first one when my first crush broke my heart

The next was when my best friend became my enemy

Each heart break brought a new freckle, a new scar

The deeper the connection the darker the freckle

My darkest appeared the day my grandma passed

Each one a story of love and loss

The physical to my emotional scars


I wasn’t feeling this hours prompt so I decided to skip it. Pinterest has been useful for when I switch out a prompt.

2 thoughts on “Hour 15: Freckles

  1. ‘Clever’ is not the right word to describe this poem – that would be reductive in the extreme. You take the tiny sun marks we wear on our skin – and many find deeply attractive as they’re a sign of positive health – and invert them to become scars of loss and pain. A powerful and poignant read.

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