prompt 24 hour 24: the gift

prompt 24 hour 24

the gift


we are all born with a gift,

my Elders teach.

no one else has a gift like ours,

so we are told to share it with all –

“deserving” or not.


the stories teach us that our gifts are also medicine:

yours heals me and mine heals you –

working together as we reach to heal each other

as we heal ourselves,

so we can heal our Mother;

each connected,

one to the other,

until we become one.


© r. l. elke

2 thoughts on “prompt 24 hour 24: the gift

  1. Thank you so much, Caitlin. I was so out of it, I had no idea what I even wrote. LOLOLOLOL. It turned out pretty well. It is my Spirit talking – sharing the teachings I have been receiving over the past three years in my journey to my master’s. Your prompts are always so wonderful and open – allowing all kinds of freedom to let the work grow out of the suggestions we don’t even see.

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