Bending Light

10 PM Twelfth Poem: Bending Light


Pure light coursing through

unaware and bending light

arrays of color delight


Some are green some are blue

Some are of the right ‘hot’ hue


How are hue today

You just might say

Where’s your light bending

What kind’ve light you sending


Creating rows of spectrums

Marching to own drums

Oh I see it here it comes!


Do I need those 3D glass

Viewing rays as they pass

Do I just ignore

Wanting not to see more


Each unique in its own scale

Within the source and from the pale

Variegated they set sail


Mottled dappled flecked and pure

One endures

Arched and shapes born

Through lives upheld,  lives torn


Can you hear the call?

It’s time to view it all.

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