Hour 8, Prompt 16, Year 2021

Ding dong!
“The next stop is Embarcadero.”
The cry of a child
Clatter of skin against train
The squeak of the sliding doors
A flood of voices exiting the train
The rushed chatter of passengers
The call of vendors selling their wares
An announcement: “Blue line is running late.”
And the throbbing of my head
Absolute cacophony

The thud of the house door
A sigh of relief
Heels clattering on the apartment floor
Clatter clatter clatter clatter
Big clatter and they’re off
The sunken cushion sound as I sit and close my eyes
A slight moan

Inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale
Inhale exhale Inhale exhale




The ticking of the clock
The snores of my puppy
The cawing of the crows on the balcony
The rustle of the fan
The dripping of the leaky tap
The evening bells at the nearby church
The sighs of my mind
Of my body
Of my soul
Tiredness turning into relaxation

One thought on “Meditations

  1. I love the dichotomy and contrast between th speed and “noise” of the poem and its title “Meditations.” I would suggest one thing…In the last stanza, remove the words of in “of my body and “of my soul” just have my body (on one line ) and my Soul (on the next line…

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