My ancestors would marvel at how rich I am…
Running water:hot or cold
da white folks let you take baffs? And it ain’t even Christmas!
and a place to keep food fresh.
well would you lookie here. is that ICE?
A machine that washes my dishes and my clothes.
hoity toity miss ain’t ya?
Clothes that I don’t have to sew myself.
What do you mean you can’t sew?
My own job that I get paid real money for
Cash money? Ma massa just give me a slab of bacon and some cornmeal
I have lotion for my hands that are not bleeding or calloused from picking cotton
Oh so’s you’s a house nigga?
I have over twenty pairs of shoes
Ain’t nobody need that many shoes, girl!
I am a rich woman.
You sho is!

So that’s what I’ll try to remember to tell myself when I remember I have 15 years of student loans to pay back and no one is going to kill me over it.

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