Graduations —Hour One

You will always be my baby girl;
I sit in the audience and watch
you walk Proudly
across the stage;
Towards the fifth grade diploma
That now sets you apart from the little ones;
Your hands reach for the certificate
Your shy smile but proud
No longer a husky
No more Pleasant Hill
Onwards to a coyote and many years to come:
And this reminds me of an ending of a beginning;
Your yellow baby chick hair
Held back by your favorite headband;
You know, the one with the tropical flower?
You wore your cupcake sprinkled dress;
Your blonde hair like mine as we lean towards each other
And our crowns touch;
You have since grown, My Little Miracle;
Pink hair yesterday
Blue hair today
There will be a time for the big graduation
That high school diploma,
The first key on the ring to open many doors to come;
And I always wonder if on graduation night if you’ll
Ask for Twinkle Star
That night, as I embrace you and hold you tight.

One thought on “Graduations —Hour One

  1. There is so much I love in this piece. I have 3 children and remember these stages so clearly. “Your yellow baby chick hair/Held back by your favorite headband;” is so lovely. I can see that fluffy hair so clearly. The metaphor of the diploma as the key to many doors is very effective. Thank you for this piece.

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