Seen But Muted(Prompt 21)

personality, understanding and love,

i am not me,

personality diluted and many personas intrude into my dream

struggled in all three areas,

constantly shifting and changing in to a different persona i don’t know who i am,

i was stuck running away from,

the constant ridicule,

lisp and ugliness,

so i changed persona to give me a bulletproof vest,

from vest to a tank,

i changed,

they would fight with pistols i would through at them grenades and missiles,

i deserved the lack of love and understanding,

how i pushed away everyone,

built a 60m wall to keep the inquisitives out,

built a civilization from my isolation,

developed concepts to self provided,

loved those that didn’t love me because breaking my own heart makes it easier to fix,

you know where all the pieces are,

splinters and shards,

i long for understanding

i long to be loved,

i long to be myself,

waiting for the ones that come with bulldozers,

breakdown the walls of my solitude

i’m tired of being alone


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