Hour 6: Snake and Mouse

Snake and Mouse

Eyelid slide, shutter click

Bristle of fur, whisker twitch

A furious beat, a tiny heart

A drum, a time piece, with no escapement.


All the while, scales of gold

Moving, articulated, slow

A calculation, a maneuver

Black-eyed, dead-eyed, taught.


Inevitable darkness falls,

A being’s true nature calls

contraction, constriction,

A gentle slide to oblivion.

2 thoughts on “Hour 6: Snake and Mouse

  1. I love the city trust in stanzas one and two; the first one, sharp and precise, delicate as a tiny mouse; then the second stanza uncoils slowly with menace just like the approaching snake. The third stanza falls as gently as the darkness it describes – darkness in so many ways – and the closing line ‘A gentle slide to oblivion’ aptly describes the slow exit of menace. Love this!

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