Life of Stacy my imaginary Friend (Poem #23)

Stacy is a teenager she makes all teenagers feel comfortable
Her style and flow is cool
Never being a snob is just not her style
Stacy is full of gratitude joy and endless adventures and excitement

Stacy loves to go to the beach
She loves the sun sand and trees
Stacy is a nature lover
Her demeanor is one of a great character
She enjoys the company of her friends

Stacy can be smart mouth from time to time
She lives in a purple gated community
Her dreams and aspirations are to become
An inspiration and a good leader to all
Teens she come in contact with

Habble skirt and punky bruster socks
I sure you know which era she came from
Dice board game, jaks and hop scotch
Are games she would play most of her spear time the songs she listened
were off the charts cris cross will make you jump jump,
Como la flor made her day

Last but not least she played the video game called Mario brothers
guess if your reading this you can never guess
Who Stacy really is because you never met Stacy before.

All rights reserved copyrighted(c)2020 Roxann A Harvey-Lawrence

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