Poem 19

Here I am running down the road
just a top notch girl
taking a morning stroll
words have just a little note
twitching all around my throat
oh how do I sing a song
when all I hear is a rumbling song
spinning round and round my head
is a long but empty wind.

All rights reserved copyrighted(c)Roxann A Harvey

2 thoughts on “Poem 19

  1. This captures youthful energy with so many actions: running down the road, a morning stroll, a little not twitching, sing a song, spinning round. To me it seemed to capture not just a young person but I also pictured this person in “young” spring.

    Your last line made me sigh a bit, making me think of growing older. There’s movement here with the wind, but it is empty when the rest was so energetic. For me, it gave another dimension (even if slight) for grounding the poem.

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